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Yutee Rone serves FASHION and brains at African energy week 2022

Yutee Rone shared glimpses of the four-day African energy week conference from the 18th to the 21st of October 2022. They held the 2022 African energy week in one of South Africa’s capital cities, Cape town.

We usually see Yutee Rone in her more popular element, fashion, but seeing her in the business element is simply giving. In her own words, during a visit to the YSL museum in Marrakesh,

Yutee Rone

“One of my most favourite thing while in Marrakesh (asides being a wedding guest) was visiting the Yves Saint Laurent museum. The museum, entirely devoted to the legendary fashion designer, Yves Saint Laurent. Need I say more…. ? ???? ????? ?? ???? !”

Yutibe Rone
Utibe Rone at African Energy week

A rundown of African Energy week by Yutee Rone

 We commonly spot her in several high fashion brands, like Valentino, Gucci, and her fashion line, Yutee rone. 

Besides the fashion and the aesthetic, the brand, Yutee Rone, is almost synonymous with travel. She gives travel bloggers a run for their money with luxurious trips to the most beautiful cities in the world. Although she has never shared her business savvy side of her until now. In her own words:

“I know I never showed this part of my life, business and love here but here’s ?to showing the strength in me and praying that in my little way, I encourage someone and be a part of the change and development of the world needs! While fashionably doing so ?”

Utibe Rone

Yutee Rone also shared glimpses of her business side and glimpses of the events on her Instagram page.

African Energy week as told by Utibe Rone, Director of UTM group

Exploring and investing in Africa’s energy future and balancing fossil fuel and renewables to address access to reliable power

As a director of a thriving oil and gas/energy company, having attended a few offshore technology conferences, relating it to energy transition to which gas is a cleaner entry, I understand the need for power generation and infrastructure development.

This conference was a collision of African countries, roundtable discussions with OPEC and African ministers, heads of delegations, keynote speakers from different oil and energy fields…

Awards… lifetime achievement etc with Nigeria being a lead as the winner of “National oil company of the year award and “Gas monetisation development of the year award”

There were too many many topics but to count a few… New take-off opportunities in a changing global environment and ways to attract new investments in under-explored areas were welcomed.

Serving best friend goals with Mercedes Richards

The friendship between Mercedes Richards and Yutee Rone is clear from their interactions on social media. They show love and support for each other, celebrating big wins, supporting businesses and supporting their kids.

It is not uncommon for Yutee Rone and her bestie Merćedes Richards to serve best friends’ goals. We can see Mercedes Richards in her commenting session sending love and the necessary hype we all need from our best buddy.

Like a kid in a candy store, your shorts are hot by the way… fact, the whole drip ?

Mercedes Richards

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