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Here are some instructions to follow in sending pitches/ writing for AeetesQ.com. Every pitch should contain all the following to get picked and published. 

  • Potential title
  • An introduction (the introductory part of your story/article should be at least 200 words ) 
  • Your connection to the pitch 
  • And why your story is perfect for AeetesQ.com
  • Potential writers can also send a complete draft.
  • Your email should be “Pitch”.
  • Send pitches to ylime@aeetesq.com.


 Any topics in the following areas and categories are acceptable, although writers are free to pitch thought-provoking stories.

  • MOVIES AND CINEMA: Latest movies, Movies and music review 
  • LIFESTYLE: food, drinks, sex, sexuality, relationships and dating
  • POPULAR CULTURE: Entertainment, movies, television, celebrities, music and reality TV.
  • TRAVEL: what’s good where, a delightful spot in my city, culture, tourism, people
  • FITNESS AND SPORTS: Gym, sports fashion, football & other leagues sports and sports star news
  • HEALTH: awareness, health tips
  • FASHION: designers, brands, clothes, shoes, bags, fashionista, label fashion shows and trend.

Rules for complete draft and article

  1. Every article must be at least 500-700 words.
  2. Your work must be ORIGINAL (we check for plagiarism)
  3. Spellings and grammar must be correct.
  4.  Practice good search engine optimization by using the right keywords, headings and topics.
  5. Every piece must be sensitive, respectful and must comply with the AeetesQ term & conditions, Code of conduct and privacy policy.
  6.  Writer reserve the right to retract their article before receiving payment or compensation.
  7.  After payment/ compensations: AeetesQ get 100% right to the article. This right prevents the writer from recreating or republishing it for 18 months, after which the rights revert to the writer.

Other conditions for pitching a story to AeetesQ you should note include:

  • Sending a pitch or a draft does not guarantee that we will accept them.
  • We will maintain the original ideas of our writers, although we will edit every article for errors in grammar and format.
  • We do not pay writers, but we offer incentives at our discretion.
  • We pay ₦3000 for every completed category
  • Every category has 10-15 articles
  • Our articles must have atleast 500 words
  • Approval of pitches does not guarantee that we will publish your article/story. 

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