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Who Is The Owner Of The MTN?

MTN is not owned by one person. However, like many public investment cooperations, the owner of MTN would be the person with the largest share in the company. In terms of shareholding, Nigerian billionaire Victor Odili is the largest individual shareholder of MTN Nigeria, which makes him the owner. Read further if you want to know the owner of MTN company in other African countries, including Uganda and South Africa.

We also have a list of Nigerian billionaires and other Nigerians with billions of Naira worth of shares in MTN telecommunications company.

MTN Group Limited is a South African multinational mobile telecommunications company. The largest shareholder of MTN Group is Public Investment Corporation (PIC), a South African government-owned investment management company, with an 18.76% stake. Other significant shareholders include MTN staff (4.44%) and various institutional investors.

the largest shareholder of MTN was the Public Investment Corporation SOC Limited, a South African government-owned investment manager, with a 17.01% stake in the company. Other major shareholders included the MTN Zakhele Futhi scheme, which held a 4% stake, and various institutional investors and asset managers.

Where and when was MTN founded?

MTN (Mobile Telephone Networks) was founded in 1994 in South Africa. The company was launched as a subsidiary of the South African telecommunications company, Telkom, with the aim of providing mobile telecommunications services in the country.

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MTN was later spun off from Telkom and became an independent company in 2002. Since then, the company has expanded its operations across Africa and the Middle East. MTN is now one of the largest mobile telecommunications operators in the region.

Ownership/ main stakeholders of the MTN

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MTN Nigeria now ranks as the second largest company on the Nigerian stock exchange with a market capitalization exceeding $6 billion, trailing only behind Dangote Cement, which currently holds a value of over $8.3 billion. Rather than issuing new shares through an initial public offering (IPO), MTN decided to list its existing shareholders’ equity, and its shares are currently trading at N108 apiece.

Ralph Mupita President and Chief Executive Officer Working with MTN

Ralph Mupita bio: age, nationality, wife, MTN, salary, qualifications,  profile -

Ralph Tendai Mupita is the current CEO of MTN Group, a multinational mobile telecommunications company based in South Africa. He was appointed to the position in September 2020, after serving as the company’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) since April 2017.

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Mupita has over 20 years of experience in the financial sector and has worked in various leadership roles in both Africa and Europe. As CEO, he oversees the operations of MTN Group’s various subsidiaries across several countries in Africa and the Middle East.

Victor Odili owns the largest shares of MTN Nigeria, which is valued at $244 million

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According to Forbes, Victor Odili holds the largest individual stake in MTN Nigeria, owning 806,886,900 shares, which are currently valued at N87.7 billion ($244 million). Odili, a Nigerian businessman, serves as both the chairman and executive director of Aeromaritime Group, which is a parent company that operates over eight member companies across various sectors in Nigeria, including shipping, stevedoring, and oil and gas.

Who Is The Owner Of MTN Uganda?

MTN Uganda is the largest telecom company in Uganda. As of 30th June 2021, MTN Uganda had over 11.2 million subscribers, accounting for 55 percent market share and over 1000 employees.

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The company does not have an owner, however, there are some people in Uganda with significant shares in the company.

Charles Magezi Mbire

Charles Magezi Mbire is a Ugandan businessman who has a significant stake in MTN Group Limited. He was reported to be the second-largest individual shareholder of MTN Group, with a stake of around 3.83%.

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Mbire is also the chairman of MTN Uganda, the subsidiary of MTN Group that operates in Uganda. In addition to his interests in telecommunications, Mbire has business interests in other sectors such as banking, agriculture, and real estate.

How Many Countries Does MTN Operate In?

The MTN Group currently operates in 21 countries across Africa and the Middle East.

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MTN provides mobile telecommunication and mobile money services across multiple countries, including Afghanistan, Benin, Botswana, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Cyprus, Ghana, Guinea Bissau, the Republic of Guinea, Iran, Liberia, Nigeria, the Republic of Congo (Congo-Brazzaville), Rwanda, South Africa, Sudan, South Sudan, Swaziland, Syria, Uganda, Yemen, and Zambia. The company has amassed a significant customer base with 232 million mobile subscribers and 20 million mobile money subscribers across its operations.

How Many Subscribers Do MTN Have In Nigeria

MTN Nigeria has over 70 million subscribers in Nigeria. It is the largest telecommunications service provider in the country in terms of subscriber base.

Its 2022 report confirms its position as the market leader. With over 70 million subscribers, MTN serves more than one-third of Nigeria’s population.

Is Nigeria The Owner Of MTN Nigeria?

Nigeria is NOT the owner of MTN. However, according to Forbes, Victor Odili is MTN Nigeria’s largest individual shareholder, with 806,886,900 shares currently valued at N87. 7 billion ($244 million)

Who is the CEO of MTN in South Africa?

The CEO of MTN in South Africa is Ralph Mupita.

Ralph Mupita is a South African businessman who has been the Group President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of MTN Group Limited since September 2020. Prior to this, he served as the Group Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of MTN Group from April 2017 to August 2020.

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Mupita joined MTN in 2017, bringing with him extensive experience in financial services and telecommunications. He previously worked for Old Mutual Group, where he held various senior executive positions in South Africa and the United Kingdom, including as CEO of Old Mutual Emerging Markets and CEO of Old Mutual South Africa.

As CEO of MTN Group, Mupita is responsible for the overall strategic direction and performance of the company, overseeing its operations across multiple countries in Africa and the Middle East.

Top 5 Nigerians with the largest shares of MTN Group

MTN decided to go public by listing its existing shareholders’ equity, without an Initial Public Offering (IPO). As of 2021, its stock price was N108 per share. The company’s public listing paperwork also shows who the largest individual shareholders were at the time.

Despite most of these shareholders using their MTN shares as collateral for large loans, these are the six wealthiest shareholders of MTN Nigeria.

Pascal Dozie

Pascal Dozie is a Nigerian businessman and the founder of Diamond Bank, a commercial bank that merged with Access Bank to become one of the largest financial institutions in Nigeria. Through his family business, Kunoch Limited, Dozie has investments in various sectors in Nigeria, including hotels, financial services, and energy.

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Dozie is also a significant shareholder of MTN Nigeria, owning 340,409,900 shares, which represents a 1.67% stake in the company. As of the time the information was available, the value of Dozie’s shares in MTN Nigeria was estimated to be N470 billion (approximately $102 million).

Sani Mohammed Bello

Sani Mohammed Bello is a Nigerian businessman who founded an oil exploration company called Amni International Petroleum Development Co. He owns 265,092,150 shares, which is 1.3% of MTN Nigeria. The current value of his shares in MTN Nigeria is estimated to be N37.5 billion, which is about $80.1 million.

Babatunde Folawiyo

Tunde Folawiyo is a Nigerian businessman and the managing director of the Yinka Folawiyo Group. The conglomerate has investments in various industries including energy, telecommunications, agriculture, shipping, real estate, and engineering.

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Folawiyo owns 218,815,100 shares, which represents a 1.07% stake in MTN Nigeria. His shares in the company are currently valued at N30.5 billion, which is approximately $66.1 million.

Gbenga Oyebode

Aside from being one of Nigeria’s most renowned commercial lawyers, Gbenga Oyebode is also a well-respected figure in the business world. He has served on the boards of several Nigerian and international companies, including MTN Nigeria. Gbenga Oyebode is also recognized for his contributions to the development of the Nigerian economy.

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Oyebode’s law firm, Aluko & Oyebode, is one of the top corporate and commercial law firms in Nigeria, providing legal services to a wide range of clients, including local and international businesses, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. Aluko & Oyebode has over 100 lawyers and offices in Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt, the firm has established itself as a leading player in Nigeria’s legal industry.

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As a major shareholder in MTN Nigeria, Oyebode’s stake in the telecommunications company is valued at N25.8 billion ($55 million). His position as a member of the board of directors of MTN Nigeria gives him the opportunity to participate in the decision-making processes of the company and influence its direction.

Ahmed Dasuki

As a major shareholder in MTN Nigeria, Ahmed Dasuki owns 152,717,850 shares, which is equivalent to 0.75% of the company’s equity. This stake is currently valued at N19.35 billion ($53.75 million) and gives him a significant interest in the telecoms giant. By owning a portion of the MTN group shares, he is able to share in its profits and growth and participate in its decision-making processes.

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