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What you should expect in a typical Nigerian kitchen

Nigerian cuisine is one of the most unique in west Africa and the world. There are ingredients, condiments and flavours to expect when you step into any typical Nigerian kitchen. Tourists can look out for at least one of these when they explore the food culture in Nigeria, food made by Nigerians or food in Nigerian homes.

 We are not referring to the space in a home or restaurant where we make food. We are talking about any kitchen or location where a typical Nigerian is in charge.

Some of the most popular dining cultures of Nigerians

Depending on how you feel about this, we can also refer to the most common dining habits of the most typical Nigerian food lover. For instance, the Yoruba people have an impeccable tolerance and love for the spiciest foods. There is an extra spicy kick when an outsider tries their food!!! The Idoma people have an insatiable desire for a relish called “Okpehe”. I mean, they add it to everything: rice, beans, and stew. An Idoma woman can’t make soup without Okpehe!!!

Nigerian kitchen

Some say recently that an Igbo man has a great love for Crayfish. They add it to everything, just like an Idoma woman does with her okpehe. I believe the love of anything with flesh is native to the Tiv tribe. They love their meat to pieces!!!

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In the northern part of the country, some of the most delicious small chops are Massa (rice akara) and gwote. We can eat it with a plate of soup or a sprinkle of sugar and mixed prepper spice (yagi). Although Igala people from Kogi State, Nigeria, enjoy their masa with a plate of beans.

16 Traditional Dishes to Look Out For

Here are some of the must-try Nigerian delicacies to enjoy. This, of course, is listed in no particular order.

Nigerian kitchen
  1. Abacha and Ugba with a side of Kanda (cow skin) or fish
  2. Amala and Ewedu
  3. Beans and plantain prepared with palm oil and a lot of crayfish!!
  4. White Rice with stew, egusi soup, or sauce.
  5. Dodo (Fried Plantains) or Bole, roasted plantain
  6. Nigerian tomato stew or chicken stew is perfect for post-service enjoyment on Sundays. We usually pair them with white rice, beans and a side of plantain.
  7. Boiled yam with palm oil
  8. Garnished Nigerian jollof rice
  9. Semolina and Ogbono soup
  10. Akpu and egusi soup
  11. Okra soup garnished with assorted roundabouts, towel and cow liver is a Nigerian staple. Pair this with Eba (garri), Semolina, or pounded yam.
  12. Tuwo Shinkafa, eaten with any draw soup, is a tasty treat!!!
  13. Edikiako and Fufu on its own or a side of 404!!!
  14. Nigerian honey beans (Ewa oloyin) are a Nigerian food you can find on the streets of Nigeria, particularly in Lagos.
  15. Bitterleaf soup pairs perfectly with swallows such as pounded yam, Akpu and Semo.
  16. Moin Moin (or moi moi) 

what is a standard Nigerian food?

Nigerian food is broad and diverse. Although, our diversity is only apparent in the preferred ingredient and how each ethnic group prepares and serves food. Every ethnic group enjoys similar food, but you will find the difference in the ingredients and how they serve it. In order words, we eat very similar food in Nigeria. These are rice, beans (black-eyed peas), and popular soups like Egusi, Okra, and Ogbono soup.

  1. Rice

Rice is one of the most common foods in Nigeria and other West African countries, like Ghana. In Nigeria, we prepare and serve it in several ways. These include plain boiled rice served with chicken stew, sauce, salads or other side dishes.
There is also the coveted Nigerian Jollof rice. It is one of the exported delicacies of the country. Although the most popular Jollof rice is made with common proteins like beef, chevon, pork or fish, there are other variations. These variations are palm oil rice, Ofada rice and Okpehe rice. We prepare the traditional Okpehe rice with authentic Ofada rice and condiments like Okpehe, crayfish and smoked fish.

  1. Pepper soup (meat, catfish or chicken)

Pepper soup is a watery soup made with various spices and a protein as the centrepiece. Catfish, beef, goat meat or chicken is the centrepiece of this dish. As its name implies, Pepper soup is a remarkably spicy dish. This means it is better when you enjoy it with any cold drink. This classic Nigerian food is made with ingredients like pepper, African nutmeg or calabash nutmeg, Lemon basil (curry leave), thyme, curry and of course pepper.

  1. Try any Nigerian soup and Fufu

it doesn’t matter the type of soup or fufu you choose to have, this dish is the perfect Nigerian food to try if you want something heavy. There are assorted flavours, methods and kinds of soup and fufu. A few of them were mentioned above!! all you need to do is pick the perfect soup and pair it with a choice from a long list of Nigerian fufu.

  1. Typical Nigerian street foods

From Bole to Ewa oloyin and Akara, the street of Nigeria is filled with delicious bites strong enough

  1. Typical Nigerian grilled food


From Kilishi to Suya and grilled seafood, there is a very long list of grilled Nigerian foods waiting for you to enjoy at sundown. Besides the spicy flavour, the familiar aroma and vibrant nightlife add to the fun and excitement. Bring your closest friends as you revel in the most delicious grilled Nigerian food.

  1. Nigerian snack aka small chops

Nigerian small chops are our version of appetisers or snacks. The most popular Nigerian small chop is chin chin and puff puff (fried dough). You can find them at parties, in malls, in stalls and in the basket of hawkers.

Nigerian delicacies to try in the night

Nigerian kitchen

The nightlife in a typical Nigerian city is vibrant, bursting with aromas and loud music with a splash of alcohol. When you go out with your friends, there are several options if you want to enjoy your evening in the typical Naija style. Check out these Nigerian foods that would match your night of fun and entertainment the Nigerian way. It is fun to enjoy this food in the stalls with your friends. Although, sometimes bringing it home to enjoy with your family may also be the highest of your day. I will let you decide. However, there is something special about bringing any of the above dishes home. Maybe it is the way the aroma hits when you unwrap it. It would also be how it attracts inattentive family members. Then again, it can be the joy of eating with your family.

  1. catfish pepper soup

  2. Extremely spicey grilled fish (any fish) with a side of potato chips and freezing beer to go with it.

  3. Deep fried small chops

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It is necessary to try the best street food the country offers. We usually make our street food with a lot of love and kindness. The fascinating part is that they are very affordable. These street foods include deep-fried Akara (beans cake), deep-fried potatoes and deep-fried yams. I usually fry them side by side in the same stall, which means you can get all three at once! They serve this fried deliciousness with a splash of spicy sauce.

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