The Nigerian Postal Service, NIPOST

Using The Nigerian Postal Service, NIPOST

The Nigerian Postal Service, abbreviated as NIPOST, should be your go-to if you are looking for a secure way to send and receive parcels from within Nigeria and anywhere in the world. The services are affordable, efficient and easily trackable, which is what you should look for to protect your goods.

Using NIPOST will save your time and eliminate the stress of using an unrecognizable courier service to deliver goods and services across Nigeria and beyond.


The Nigerian Postal Service, NIPOST

The Nigerian Postal Service, abbreviated as NIPOST, is a government-owned and operated corporation. It is the postal administration responsible for providing postal services in Nigeria. Here is all you need to know about NIPOST charges, its tracking feature, and more.

Commercial Business Units (CBNs) Operated By The Nigerian Postal Service

The Nigerian Postal Service currently operates seven commercial business units. They include the following:

  • Mail
  • Counters
  • E-commerce and Logistics
  • Nigerian Postal Institute
  • Financial Services
  • EMS/Parcel
  • Workshop and Properties

Is Nigerian Postal Service Still Active?

Thanks to technological development and the countless logistics company sprouting around Nigeria, it might seem like the Nigerian Postal Service is not very active. NIPOST is still one of the most secure ways to send and receive parcels, especially from outside the country. We can find their offices in every state in Nigeria, with a team of qualified staff to handle each correspondence and parcel.

NIPOST, Partners Sign Agreements To Boost Postal Business

The Nigerian Postal Services (NIPOST) signed a fresh Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) over technology-based delivery and self-service systems on the 8th of August, 2022.
NIPOST already had a partnership with Nirsal microfinance bank. Some of its new partners include:
e-Gate over last-mile delivery services
Access Solutions, to make self-service kiosks for daily need transactions for Registered Communication System

Sending And Receiving Parcels Outside Nigeria

EMS Nigeria has operated as the courier and business arm of the Nigerian Postal Service. EMS handles effective collection, conveyance and delivery of time-sensitive correspondence, documents or merchandise locally and internationally.

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