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The states in Nigeria, their capitals, slogan and resources

Nigeria is divided into 36 states and one Federal Capital Territory (FCT). Here is a list of states in Nigeria, their slogans, capitals, and notable natural resources.

  1. Abia State
    • Capital: Umuahia
    • Slogan: “God’s Own State”
    •  Natural Resources: Crude oil, natural gas, lead, zinc, limestone
  2. Adamawa State in Nigeria
    • Capital: Yola
    • Slogan: “Land of Beauty, Sunshine and Hospitality”
    • Natural Resources: Mineral resources, agriculture
  3. Akwa Ibom State
    • Capital: Uyo
    • Slogan: “Land of Promise”
    • Natural Resources: Crude oil, natural gas, limestone, clay, kaolin, salt
      pamukkale, sintered lime terraces, calcium
  4. Anambra State
    • Capital: Awka
    • Slogan: “The Light of the Nation”
    • Natural Resources: Crude oil, natural gas, bauxite, ceramic raw materials, clay, glass sand, gypsum, iron ore, lead/zinc, lignite, limestone, phosphate, salt, soda ash, and talc
  5. Bauchi State
    • Capital: Bauchi
    • Slogan: “Pearl of Tourism”
    • Natural Resources: Granite, kaolin, zinc, copper, tantalite, phosphate, limestone, petroleum, gold, wolfram, coal
  6. Bayelsa State
    • Capital: Yenagoa
    • Slogan: “The Glory of All Lands”
    • Natural Resources: Crude oil, natural gas, gypsum, clay, lead/zinc, limestone, lignite
  7. Benue State
    • Capital: Makurdi
    • Slogan: “Food Basket of the Nation”
    • Natural Resources: Limestone, lead/zinc, clay, dolomite, coal, gemstones, kaolin, gypsum, iron ore
  8. Borno State
    • Capital: Maiduguri
    • Slogan: “Home of Peace”
    • Natural Resources: Gypsum, clay, kaolin, limestone, diatomite, lignite, hydropower
  9. Cross River State
    • Capital: Calabar
    • Slogan: “The People’s Paradise”
    • Natural Resources: Crude oil, natural gas, tin, columbite, lead/zinc, limestone, iron ore, coal, rubber, timber
      refinery, oil, industry
  10. Delta State
    • Capital: Asaba
    • Slogan: “The Big Heart”
    • Natural Resources: Crude oil, natural gas, kaolin, clay, silica, sand, lignite, silica, lignite, salt, phosphate
  11. Ebonyi State
    • Capital: Abakaliki
    • Slogan: “Salt of the Nation”
    • Natural Resources: Salt, lead, zinc, limestone, granite, phosphate, clay, gypsum, kaolin
  12. Edo State 
    • Capital: Benin City
    • Slogan: “The Heartbeat of the Nation”
    • Natural Resources: Crude oil, natural gas, clay, limestone, iron ore, timber, rubber
  13. Ekiti State
    • Capital: Ado-Ekiti
    • Slogan: “Land of Honour”
    • Natural Resources: Granite, kaolin, columbite, channockete, iron ore, bauxite, quartz, feldspar, marble, clay, tantalite, gold
      bullion, gold, bar
  14. Enugu State
    • Capital: Enugu
    • Slogan: “Coal City State”
    • Natural Resources: Coal, iron ore, limestone, lead/zinc
  15. Gombe State
    • Capital: Gombe
    • Slogan: “Jewel in the Savannah”
    • Natural Resources: Gypsum, limestone, uranium, kaolin, gold, granite, tantalite, feldspar
  16. Imo State
    • Slogan: “The Eastern Heartland”
    • Capital: Owerri
    • Natural resources: Crude oil, natural gas, limestone, white clay, fine sand, and phosphate.
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  17. Jigawa State
    • Slogan: “The New World”
    • Capital: Dutse
      Natural resources: Cotton, groundnut, millet, maize, sorghum, and yams.
  18. Kaduna State
    • Slogan: “Centre of Learning”
    • Capital: Kaduna
    • Natural resources: Cotton, ginger, maize, sorghum, tobacco, and aquamarine.
  19. Kano State
    • Slogan: “Centre of Commerce”
    • Capital: Kano
    • Natural resources: Groundnut, cotton, chilli pepper, hide and skin, and gum arabic.
  20. Katsina State
    • Slogan: “Home of Hospitality”
    • Capital: Katsina
    • Natural resources: Kaolin, salt, limestone, gypsum, and granite.
  21. Kebbi State
    • Slogan: “Land of Equity”
    • Capital: Birnin Kebbi
    • Natural resources: Cotton, rice, peanuts, millet, and fish.
  22. Kogi State
    • Slogan: “The Confluence State”
    • Capital: Lokoja
    • Natural resources: Iron ore, coal, limestone, tin, columbite, and marble.
  23. Kwara State
    • Slogan: “State of Harmony”
    • Capital: Ilorin
    • Natural resources: Cassava, rice, yam, maize, sorghum, and millet.
  24. Lagos State
    • Slogan: “Centre of Excellence”
    • Capital: Ikeja
    • Natural resources: Bitumen, clay, glass-sand, and salt.
  25. Nasarawa State
    • Slogan: “Home of Solid Minerals”
    • Capital: Lafia
    • Natural resources: Salt, baryte, bauxite, kaolin, and gemstones.
  26. Ondo State
    • Capital: Akure
    • Slogan: “Sunshine State”
    • Natural Resources: Bitumen, crude oil, kaolin, silica, quartz, tin, granite, limestone, cocoa, timber.
  27. Osun State
    • Capital: Osogbo
    • Slogan: “State of the Living Spring”
    • Natural Resources: Gold, clay, limestone, granite, aquamarine, phosphate, feldspar, gypsum.
      pottery, handcraft, clay
  28. Oyo State
    • Capital: Ibadan
    • Slogan: “Pace Setter State”
    • Natural Resources: Cassiterite, aquamarine, tin, tantalite, gold, feldspar, kaolin, columbite, marble, silica, limestone, quartz.
  29. Plateau State
    • Capital: Jos
    • Slogan: “Home of Peace and Tourism”
    • Natural Resources: Tin, columbite, iron ore, coal, limestone, lead/zinc, clay, phosphate, gold, wolfram, salt
  30. Rivers State
    • Capital: Port Harcourt
    • Slogan: “Treasure Base of the Nation”
    • Natural Resources: Crude oil, natural gas, glass sand, clay, lignite, tar sand, iron ore, limestone, coal.
  31. Sokoto State
    • Capital: Sokoto
    • Slogan: “Seat of the Caliphate”
    • Natural Resources: Gold, limestone, phosphate, gypsum, kaolin, clay, granite, asbestos, talc, feldspar.
  32. Taraba State
    • Capital: Jalingo
    • Slogan: “Nature’s Gift to the Nation”
    • Natural Resources: Kaolin, lead/zinc, quartz, tin, marble, coal, tantalite, mica, feldspar, clay.
  33. Yobe State
    • Capital: Damaturu
    • Slogan: “Pride of the Sahel”
    • Natural Resources: Soda ash, uranium, diatomite, limestone, gypsum, kaolin, clay.
  34. Zamfara State
    • Capital: Gusau
    • Slogan: “Farming is Our Pride”
    • Natural Resources: Gold, cotton, sorghum, cowpea, millet, beans, limestone, marble, salt.

FCT, Abuja

FCT stands for Federal Capital Territory and Abuja is the capital city of Nigeria. The FCT was created in 1976 as a planned city to replace Lagos as the capital of Nigeria. The territory is located in the central region of Nigeria and covers an area of 7,315 km².

Abuja is the administrative and political center of Nigeria, and it is home to several government institutions and agencies, including the Nigerian National Assembly, Supreme Court of Nigeria, and Nigerian Presidential Complex. The city has a population of over 3 million people, making it one of the fastest-growing cities in Africa.

What is FCT Abuja known for?

Abuja is known for its modern architecture, with many impressive skyscrapers and contemporary buildings. The city is also home to several landmarks and tourist attractions, including the Aso Rock, Zuma Rock, and the National Mosque and National Christian Centre.

The FCT is divided into six area councils, which include Abaji, Abuja Municipal, Bwari, Gwagwalada, Kuje, and Kwali. These area councils are further divided into wards and districts, and each area council is governed by an elected chairman and councilors.

Although the FCT and Abuja is not technically a state, it is very important the politics, economy, and culture of Nigeria. The city continues to grow and develop rapidly as a result of its strategic location and importance to the nation.

What are the largest states in Nigeria

Here are the five largest states in Nigeria based on land area:

  1. Niger State: Niger State is the largest state in Nigeria by land area, covering an area of 76,363 km². The state is located in the North-Central region of Nigeria and is known for its diverse geography, including plains, valleys, and mountains.
  2. Borno State: Borno State is the second-largest state in Nigeria, with an area of 70,898 km². The state is located in the northeastern region of Nigeria and is known for its rich cultural heritage and historical significance.
  3. Taraba State: Taraba State is the third-largest state in Nigeria, covering an area of 54,473 km². The state is located in the North-East region of Nigeria and is known for its scenic beauty, diverse wildlife, and agricultural resources.
  4. Kaduna State: Kaduna State is the fourth-largest state in Nigeria, with an area of 46,053 km². The state is located in the North-West region of Nigeria and is known for its rich history and cultural diversity.
  5. Bauchi State: Bauchi State is the fifth-largest state in Nigeria, covering an area of 45,837 km². The state is located in the North-East region of Nigeria and is known for its rugged terrain, natural resources, and cultural heritage.

Which state has the most population

The most populated state in Nigeria is Lagos State. Lagos State is located in the southwestern part of Nigeria and has an estimated population of over 14 million people, according to the National Population Commission of Nigeria.

Lagos is not only the most populous state in Nigeria but also the economic hub of the country, as it is home to the largest seaport in Nigeria and is considered the commercial capital of the country. The state is known for its vibrant culture, entertainment industry, and bustling nightlife.

Other states in Nigeria that are also among the most populated include Kano, Kaduna, and Oyo states.

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