The ravishing Russian, Lana: WWE Sports Star watch.

For WWE superstars like the Ravishing Russian Lana, the determinant of a successful career as an athlete is your ability to secure the win in as many matches as possible.

This in-ring win can be in pay-per-view matches, championship matches, and weekly matches. Lana is a polarizing character who has a powerful presence in WWE. Although her career as a WWE superstar may not be “successful” in the generic sense, Lana remains one of the most outstanding Superstars in WWE.
Lana’s journey in WWE is an inspirational story built on growth, failure, hope and success.

the ravishing Russian Lana
CJ Perry

Lana, Before WWE

The adolescent Lana started her career as a ballerina in Lafia, Russia. It’s no surprise that her resilience and hard work stems from her background as a ballerina. In her WWE chronicle, Lana pointed out that she slept in full splits, with weights on her legs to get her body to move and bend in unusual directions. She also wrapped aluminium foil on her legs to help her lose weight. The Ravishing Russian, Lana, has shown the same commitment to her career as a child ballerina as she shows in her career as a WWE superstar.

Can the Ravishing Russian be an actual WWE superstar?

Of course, Lana is one of the most successful WWE superstars, although not in the most common WWE stance. The Ravishing Russian started her career as a diva in NXT. In no time, she moved to WWE, where she managed her old flame, Rusev.

The ravishing Russian, Lana and tag team partner

The Ravishing Russian is a staple for one of the core elements of sports entertainment; this is actual entertainment. 

In WWE, the entertainment ends with the matches but starts with the promo shots. Lana’s personality and how captivating her character and gimmick is to the fans (The WWE universe) is why she stands out. Lana is an entertaining figure in WWE; she is ambitious, courageous and resilient all of these, plus her pretty face more than makes up for her progressing in-ring performance.

The post Celebrity watch: the Ravishing Russian, Lana.

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