The Jivamukti method of yoga

Jivamukti method of yoga covers the physical, humane, and spiritual practices of Yogis. This yoga combines exercise, a vinyasa-based physical style with adherence to five central tenets. David Life and Sharon Gannon introduced the Jivamukti method of yoga in 1984. Along with being a full-fleshed body workout, yoga has to be a workout for the mind providing inner cleansing and serenity. The Jivamukti method of yoga helps improve the spiritual growth of the yogi.

The JivamThe Jivamukti method of yoga and 7 other perfect variations of yoga you should try.ukti method of yoga

Five Principal Doctrines of the Jivamukti Method of Yoga

There are five principal doctrines of the Jivamukti method of yoga:

  1. Shastra: One of the Jivamukti doctrines is the Shastra, which means “written manuscript”, which studies the four central verses of yoga.
  2. Bhakti: Is the practice of devotion to God and the practice of humility.
  3. Ahimsa: The Jivamukti method teaches that the practice of Ahimsa, the act of nonviolence. This teaches us act about of nonviolence not only to other humans but to all living things. Ahimsa advocates ethical vegetarianism.
  4. Nāda: focuses on deep inner listening through chanting and exciting music.
  5. Dhyana: In the Jivamukti method, Dhyana teaches yogis the practice of being still while being mindful of their thoughts.

Pairing the Jivamukti Method of Yoga with Other Types of Yoga

Fitness experts have taken on The Jivamukti method of yoga as a packed fitness regime. Fitness experts are also experimenting with several emerging variations of yoga that are best suited for their experience, environment, ability, and strength.

The Jivamukti method of yoga and 7 other perfect variations of yoga you should try.
Image by Gerd Altmann 

Every variation of Yoga has the same impact on the entire body. Each variation of Yoga also has its unique pressure points, which include physical strength, emotional growth, and spiritual growth.

These variations of Yoga include we can pair with The Jivamukti method of yoga

  1. Hot Yoga
  2. Naked Yoga
  3. Aerial Yoga
  4. Good old Yoga
  5. Wet Yoga
  6. Tantric Yoga
  7. Goat Yoga

The good old yoga.

Practicing yoga at any level elevates not only mental wellness but also provides spiritual and physical growth. The beginner version of yoga is the most recommended form for beginners (as the name implies). With time, the Yogis can graduate to the intermediary and advanced level of yoga. Just as in every other fitness activity.

Hot Yoga

Hot yoga involves practicing yoga in a studio with very intense weather. The temperature for Hot Yoga is usually at about 105F or 40c. Hot yoga increases patience and increases the chances of weight loss.

Naked Yoga

Naked Yoga is the act of practicing any of the above variations of yoga with no clothes on. You can practice Naked yoga alone in the comfort of your bedroom or in a group with friends and other yogis. It makes the yogi more flexible and more accepting of their body. This yoga directly builds comfort and self-confidence.

Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga is very similar to aerial acrobatics. In aerial yoga, they practice yoga poses with ropes suspended in the air. This variation of yoga is more suited for expert yogis looking to experiment with a more intense and challenging yoga regimen. Aerial yoga is a perfect stretch for acrobats because of its airborne nature, making it a smooth transition from warmups to rehearsals. The pressure point of aerial yoga is the arm and the core. It requires arm and core strength to lift the body and hold the positions while suspended.

The Jivamukti method of yoga and 7 other perfect variations of yoga you should try.
Image by Hà Cao from Pixabay

Wet Yoga

Although not as popular as other variations, practicing yoga in or on top of a body of water, such as pools or beaches. Yogis can practice wet yoga by floating on a surfboard or fully submerged in water. Practicing yoga around a body of water provides a soothing environment. Exercising in water creates resistance, which intensifies your exercise and gives better results.

Tantric Yoga

A slow and sensual type of yoga between partners (especially lovers). This yoga increases physical intimacy, spiritual growth, and sexual growth in the relationship.

Goat Yoga

The most unconventional of all the variations of yoga. Goat Yoga is a studio decorated with goats or in an actual goat barn.

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