Here are 10+ of the best Kdramas To Watch In 2023, including a brief storyline, review and where to stream and download them.

The Best Kdramas To Watch In 2023

Best KDrama to Watch 2023

Lee Min-ho and the cast of “Boys Over Flowers” were the ones who captured the attention and sparked interest in K-dramas. The popularity of “Boys Over Flowers” piqued the interest in this genre. Many people would argue that “Squid Game” is one of the best dramas ever.

The Best Kdramas  To Watch In 2023

This may be true, but it is also essential to recognise the contributions of other iconic dramas such as “Boys Over Flowers,” “City Hunter,” and “The Heirs” to the show’s popularity, as it is likely that the audience that streamed “Squid Game” would not have been as large without these other Kdramas.
With this in mind, we have put together some of the most remarkable and must-watch Korean dramas. From the era of “Boys Over Flowers” to the current era, which appears to be dominated by Alchemy Of Souls!

Boys Over Flower and Other Kdramas To Watch In 2023

Boys Over Flowers

So, there’s this big-shot company called Shinhwa Group in South Korea, run by a strict and snobby lady named Chairwoman Kang. Her son, Gu Jun-pyo, is the rich and popular dude who leads the F4, a group of cool guys at this fancy school called Shinhwa High. Things get interesting when a feisty girl named Geum Jan-di saves a guy from being bullied to the point of suicide. Her heroic act catches everyone’s attention, and it causes a lot of drama for the Shinhwa Group. To calm things down, Chairwoman Kang gets Jan-di a scholarship to attend their elite school.

Jan-di isn’t impressed with her rich classmates and their obsession with the F4. But guess what? Jun-pyo, the leader of the F4, starts to notice her rebellious nature. He begins playing pranks on her and, surprise surprise, starts falling for her. Meanwhile, there’s this other F4 member, Ji-hu, who’s got a soft spot for Jan-di. But he’s still hung up on his childhood friend, Min Seo-hyun. Drama, drama, drama!

As time goes on, Jan-di and Jun-pyo’s relationship gets complicated. They have their ups and downs, with plenty of bullying and misunderstandings. But hey, they eventually start to see the good in each other and realize they’re meant to be. So, that’s part of the gist of it. Lots of drama, love triangles, and a bunch of rich kids learning some valuable life lessons.

The Best Kdramas To Watch In 2023

Here are 10+ of the best Kdramas To Watch In 2023, including a brief storyline, review and where to stream and download them. The Kdramas to watch in 2023 include:

  1. Little Women (KDrama)
  2. Business Proposal (KDrama)
  3. Big Mouth (KDrama)
  4. Penthouse (KDrama)
  5. Shooting Stars (KDrama)
  6. Mouse (KDrama)
  7. Island (KDrama)
  8. Happiness (KDrama)
  9. Tomorrow (KDrama)
  10. Eve (KDrama
  11. Reborn Rich (KDrama)
  12. Nevertheless (KDrama)
  13. Blind (KDrama)
  14. Crazy Love (KDrama)
  15. Mine (KDrama)
  16. Somebody (KDrama)
  17. Abyss (KDrama)
  18. Connect (KDrama)

Little Women Karama

Little Women (Korean: 작은 아씨들; RR: Jag-eun Assideul) is a South Korean television series about the journey of three sisters. They were poor but enthusiastic. In-ju, In-hye, and In-Keong were ambitious and sought to make money, gain independence, and find love. One of the sister’s supposedly dead friends left her 70 billion won. However, Korea’s richest family will do anything to stop them.

Little Women Kdrama is streaming on Netflix!!

Business Proposal Kdrama

The storyline is very simple. Ha-ri disguised as her friend and went on a blind date to deter her friend’s potential suitor. However, things take an unexpected turn when Ha-ri realised that the suitor was her CEO. As a result, her original plans go awry, leading to an unexpected “business” proposal.

Business Proposal kdrama is an adaptation of the Webtoon series of the same name. The show has been applauded for its inclusion of romantic and comedic elements and its skilful implementation of embedded marketing strategies.

Most K-dramas these days consist of only 12 episodes, unlike other series like Boys Over Flower, which had over 20 episodes. One example of this trend is ‘A Business Proposal,’ a 12-episode drama.
With Kdramas like A Business Proposal, the storyline progresses faster and captivates viewers’ attention. Since its initial broadcast, ‘A Business Proposal’ has garnered immense popularity.

Island (K-drama)

The Island is a Korean drama featuring Cha Eun-woo, Kim Nam-Gil, and Lee Da-hee in the lead roles. Since its release in 2022, it has generated a lot of buzz. It has also gotten both positive and negative reviews.

According to Ratna Only, who left a review for the K-drama, she said, “A GREAT ACTION FICTION DRAMA!!!”
H, who also gave the kdrama 4 stars, said, “I binge-watched the two seasons in a day. Yeah, partly because I was so excited to watch this one and also because it compelled me to know what’s gonna happen next.” On the flip side, Titis Setya W said, “They are all good actors/actresses, but they really are not suited for the cast.”
The second part of Island was released on February 24, 2023.
“Island” (Korean Drama) is available on Amazon Prime Video and Tving.

Eve (South Korean TV series)

Eve tells the captivating story of a chaebol family embroiled in a high profile ₩2 trillion divorce lawsuit. At the heart of this legal battle stands Lee La-el (portrayed by Seo Yea-ji), the daughter of an influential family. Driven by a deep-seated desire for justice, she embarks on a quest to avenge the untimely demise of her parents during her childhood.

The 16-episode South Korean television series Eve stars Seo Yea-ji, Park Byung-Eun, Yoo Sun, and Lee Sang-year. It started to air on tvN on June 1 to July 21, 2022.

Big Mouth kdrama

A lawyer with a low success rate finds himself entangled in a murder case. The murder case led to his transformation into the renowned con artist known as Big Mouse. His main goal was exposing the true nature of influential people involved in a vast conspiracy. Another goal was to protect his family and survive.

Although Big Mouth is a thriller, The South Korean television series has micro-doses of romance. The love and decoration between Chang-ho and his wife, Mi-ho is formidable. Mi-ho, portrayed by Im Yoon-ah, exhibits her strength and determination while supporting her husband and fighting for his innocence.
The moral lesson of Big Mouth is the importance of never underestimating our enemies.

The Penthouse: War in Life

The South Korean tv series, Penthouse, is a seamless mixture of thriller, drama, suspense, and crime. The 21-episode Tv series airs on SBS

The story revolves around the Penthouse Apartment, a grand building with 100 floors. Shim Su-Ryeon is a wealthy woman who was born into privilege and is like the queen of the Penthouse Apartment. Her husband, Joo Dan-Tae, is successful in business and real estate.

Here are 10+ of the best Kdramas To Watch In 2023, including a brief storyline, review and where to stream and download them.

Cheon Seo-Jin comes from a rich family and is known for her arrogance. Her husband, Ha Yoon-Cheol, is a skilled surgeon at a hospital and has big ambitions. Oh Yoon-Hee comes from a poor background and works hard to ensure her children’s success. She dreams of being part of the upper class for the sake of her kids. These characters live in the fancy Penthouse Apartment and have different backgrounds and dreams. Their stories intertwine to create an exciting and captivating plot.

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