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Talk with Toke Makinwa is only one of Toke Makinwa’s boss move in 2021

Talk with Toke Makinwa was one of the tremendous career moves for the Nigerian Actor, author, vlogger, TV personality and host, Toke Makinwa. 2021 was filled with big career movies and attractive deals and partnerships. A view of her career and business deals so far.

What is Toke Makinwa’s source of income?

Actor and producer

Toke Makinwa started her career in the media and entertainment sphere in the early 2000s. Besides Talk with Toke Makinwa, her big break was in her talk show was 3LiveChicks. Moments on Ebony life tv hosted with Bolanle Olukanni and Tallulah Doherty was also a big career move. After she progressed from ebony life tv, Toke makinwa made an enviable career for herself in most of Africa.

Movies roles

Toke Makinwa

To answer some of the most ridiculous questions about her source of income. Toke has diversified her career by mastering almost every aspect of the entertainment industry in Nigeria. She has a noticeable presence in acting, with appearances in popular movies like Omo Getto the saga. Her comedy web series with Falz, the badt guy, Mr and Mrs. Toke Makinwa, has shown her acting skills by taking on several acting roles, her latest move in is area woulb be in the movies, Blood Sister with actresses like Ini-dimma and nancy Isime.

The On Becoming, by Toke Makinwa

Several controversies, and even a lawsuit by her ex-husband Maje Ayida, followed the publication in 2016. Maje Ayida claimed some of the intimate details she exposed in the book defamed him.

The On Becoming
The On Becoming, by Toke Makinwa

The fact about her memoir, the On Becoming by Toke Makinwa, is that it was a massive success. Along with the tremendous scandal that followed, the unbecoming was a massive hit, with hundreds of thousands of sales making it one of Amazon’s best-selling books.

Toke Makinwa cosmetic and skincare line

 Glow by Toke Makinwa

Our favourite sharp girl recognizes how illustrious the cosmetic industry is. She has ventured into this area, just like, cosmetic moguls like Kylie Jenner and Jessica Alba, who grew a billion-dollar cosmetic line. Toke’s leg in the business includes Glow by Toke Makinwa, TM lipstick and so on.

Talk Toke Makinwa

 Glow by Toke Makinwa

Toke Makinwa has created a talk show where she has sit-down interviews with the leading personalities in music, movies, and entertainment throughout Africa. 

Dear @oprah I know the chances of you reading this is second to none but I just wanted to share this pivotal moment with you. I wrote so many letters to you as a child, hoping you’ll adopt me and I’ll one day be a talk show host just like you. You see, this was my dream as a little girl, to have a voice that unites people like me, to tell stories and change the world through television. I never got a response from you but I watched you more and I knew that one day, if I stayed true to my path, if I worked hard the universe will reward me. This year has been my year of manifestation, God’s goodness is running after me. After 12 years of dreaming and working hard, guys

say hello to the host of the biggest talk show in Africa. Yes guys, the biggest global talk show is coming to @honeyafricatv it’s called Talk with Toke Makinwa and I get to chat the biggest stars around the globe. Africa, this one is for you. Catch it on the 19th of November on Honey ? channel 173 on DSTV.

Dreams come true,

Toke Makinwa for Talk with Toke Makinwa

Find out more about Nancy Isime and the Nancy Isime show,

Reason Talk with Toke Makinwa is the show to look out for.

Toke Makinwa

Leave it to Toke Makinwa to drench up the most scandalous topic with a daring smile and poise. Here are more reasons to keep an eye out for Talk with Toke Makinwa.

  1. You get the tea from the horse’s mouth. Toke Makinwa takes her time to go over the scandalous news stories about her guest, giving them the chance to tell their side of the story.
  2. A place for the crème de la crème of entertainment in Africa. So far, Toke Makinwa has hosted celebrities like Bisola Ayeola, Busiswa, Moonchild, boss lady, and so on.
  3. Toke knows how to ask tough questions.

Some of Toke Makinwa’s mouth-watering deals in 2021

  1. Co-host big brother, shine ya eye.
  2. Pepsi ambassador
  3. Talk with Toke Makinwa 
  4. Brand ambassador oppo mobile  
  5. Host of Golder Ultimate search 
  6. TM accessories
  7. Brand influencer

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