Tacha and Esther Bide star in The Challenge season 37 “Spies, Lies and Allies.”

Tacha and Esther Bide star in The Challenge “Spies, Lies and Allies” as rookies with 15 others and 17 other Veteran players making 34 players for the 37th season of The Challenge season 37 “Spies, Lies and Allies.” The 37th MTV The Challenges was filmed a few months ago with several celebrities and reality tv stars local and international. the Challenge begins airing on the 11th of August 2021.
Tacha is a perfect candidate for this show because of her outspoken personality and the cast of the show is not as restricted as they are in BBnaija. Although The Challenge requires involves a lot of physical activities.

The new season is been filmed in Croatia, where 17 American players play against 17 international competitors in aggressive challenges and brutal eliminations for a share of the $1 million prizes.

Most of the cast members, local and international like Tacha and Esther Bide, will be introduced to the challenge scene, but other players, such as Devin Walker and Nelson Thomas, are returning players of the game.

Tacha and Esther Bide star in The Challenge
Tacha and Esther Bide star in The Challenge

Although other cast members may be new to the ‘The challenge’ scene, everyone cast to take part in ‘The Challenge’ is already a reality star the new 19-episode season was filmed in Croatia. They played last season in teams of two, but this season begins with U.S. players/”agents” partnered up with international agents. As always, and as implied by the theme, “Spies, Lies and Allies,” the game will develop as the season goes on. And the prize money is still a jaw-dropping million dollars.

Tacha and Esther Bide will join other players in The Challenge.

Tacha and Esther Bide star in MTV’s the Challenge Veterans:

  • Tori Deal
  • Nany Gonzalez
  • Aneesa Ferreira
  • Ashley Mitchell
  • Kaycee Clark
  • Amanda Garcia
  • Big T
  • Nelson Thomas
  • Cory Wharton
  • Josh Martinez
  • Kyle Christie
  • Fessy Shafaat
  • CT Tamburello
  • Devin Walker
  • Nam Vo

Tacha and Esther Bide star in The Challenge as Rookies

  • Michaela Bradshaw (Survivor)
  • Michele Fitzgerald (Survivor)
  • Tacha Akide (Big Brother Nigeria)
  • Emy Alupei (Survivor: Romania)
  • Berna Canbeldek (Survivor: Turkey)
  • Priscilla Anyabu (Love Island U.S.)
  • Tracy Candela (Love Island Germany)
  • Bettina Buchanan (Paradise Hotel Sweden)
  • Esther Agunbiade (Big Brother Nigeria)
  • Lauren Coogan (Love Island U.S.)
  • Corey Lay (12 Dates of Christmas)
  • Jeremiah White (Love Island U.S.)
  • Tommy Sheenan (Survivor)
  • Gabo Szabo (Warsaw Shore, Celeb Get Me Out of Here Hungary)
  • Hughie Maughan (Big Brother U.K., Dancing With the Stars U.K.)
  • Emmanuel Neagu (Survivor: Romania)
  • Logan Sampedro (Survivor: Spain)
  • Kelz Dyke (Too Hot to Handle U.K.)
  • Renan Hellemans (Ex on the Beach Double Dutch Belgium)
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