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Stephanie McMahon: The ultimate revolutionary WWE Diva.

Stephanie McMahon WWE
Stephanie McMahon WWE

Stephanie McMahon has been a potent force in the growth and development of the women’s division. Starting from the name change from WWE Divas’ division to the women’s division, Stephanie McMahon stands tall without being shy of commanding and speaking up for women in a room filled with men.

Stephanie McMahon is the perfect woman for the job.

Stephanie McMahon is born into the WWE dynasty, placing her in the perfect position to challenge the patriarchal setting of WWE. As a WWE board member and the commissioner of the flag show, Monday night raw, she is pulling all the women in WWE forward and inspiring young women.

Here are some change in WWE courtesy of Stephanie.

Stephanie McMahon is likely the reason they changed the following in WWE:

  • The feminist era: the title of the women’s division

Mrs McMahon has led and ushered in an era in WWE that gives women the same opportunities, Matches, and championships. Her time in WWE changed the Diva’s champion to the WWE Women’s champion. Female wrestlers are no longer called divas but certified wrestlers.

Stephanie McMahon: The ultimate revolutionary WWE Diva
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  • It doesn’t hurt to have a woman like Stephanie McMahon in power.

What better way to encourage the next generation of women to dare? Stephanie McMahon’s work behind the scene and in the ring has inspired an entire generation of women. Following her footsteps, the women in Wrestling are not afraid of pushing the boundary further than the previous generation ever imagined. Stephanie does it all, from in-ring performances to being a boss in the boardroom; She is also a wife, mother and the ultimate revolutionary WWE Diva.

Stephanie used her position in WWE to create an environment that treats men and women equally. She was an invaluable asset in the Divas Evolution by supporting the woman through little transitions like:

  • The Women’s hell in the cell.
  • The last woman standing.
  • The Women’s steel cage match.
  • First-ever Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match.
  • WWE first women’s tag team match.
  • And other types of WWE matches commonly performed by men.

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