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President Buhari: The greatest hits, Failed edition

President Buhari is getting set to leave the office of the presidency as the 16th president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. I was keen on telling you about the areas Muhammadu Buhari has excelled in. In the previous post, we listed policies President Buhari made to ensure that Nigeria will be better in years to come.

It is impossible today to say President Muhammadu Buhari’s government is perfect. Therefore, we have created this post to let you know the less than perfect areas.

Here are some areas we can all collectively describe as epic Muhammadu Buhari fails: 

President Buhari may have lost his battle with corruption.

President Buhari

Buhari recently pardoned Joshua Dariye and Jolly Nyame, former governors of Plateau and Taraba states, jailed for embezzlement of public funds. This was very eye-gouging. For an administration that prides itself on sternly fighting corruption, we can only describe this singular act as a dirty slap on the face of the fight against corruption.

Operation feed the children.

Operation feed the children

I do not believe it is worth researching the actual title of this programme, but according to the president Buhari, the program was designed to help pupils study more by giving them food. The program has become a gold mine for corrupt people. Those at the top, those responsible for its disbursement and those at the bottom, like the school principals and the caterer. I am not implying that the program is a total fail, it is okay to assume that more than 60% of the allocation does not reach the children. 

President Buhari’s government may be out of touch.

Some policies made by the present administration have shown that it is out of touch with the idea of freedom of speech. Placing a ban on Twitter in 2021 was proof of that. Social media and technology have developed in a way that it creates and supports brands with their global reach.

President Buhari’s official Twitter account allegedly made a twit that was deemed unfit for the Twitter space and then deleted by titter officials. The Buhari led administration banned Twitter for months, which stifled most of the businesses which grew and progressed with Twitter, 

Apart from this, President Buhari presented an image that suggested a hint of dictatorship. #general Buhari.

President Buhari placed a ban on cryptocurrency

 Cryptocurrency may not be too bad because of the difficulty of regulating its users and suppliers. However, it is imperative to note that several countries, like El Salvador and The Central African Republic, adopted bitcoin as their official legal tender. Other countries where bitcoin is legal include Denmark, France, Germany, Iceland, Japan, Mexico, Spain, United Kingdom Etc.

President Buhari

It is hard to ignore the lucrativeness of the digital world. The world is getting ready to usher in a digital era of digital businesses, markets and events, and they may leave Nigeria behind.

The alleged tragedy at the Lekki Toll Gate

President Buhari

The alleged shooting of innocent unarmed civilians by the members of the Nigerian armed forces. The controversial incident may be the incident that defines Muhammadu Buhari’s tenure. This is sad because the administration did a lot and even met most of the demands of the Nigerian Youths.

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