Pere BBN

Pere BBN dey complain say food don finish. #hungerstrike.

Pere BBN begin this morning by showcasing him knowledge for nurse work from him experience as Nurse for Yankee. Apart from nurse work, Pere BBN don also serve for the US army wey dem even deploy am go Afghanistan and act some films for Yankee. So this morning Pere come dey lecture him guys Boma BBN and co about how salt they take affect high blood pressure. According to Pere BBN, him no dey put salt for food Kpata Kpata, say if him dey cook for himself, na by force him dey add one maggi because him no care if the food make sense, as far as say him go live long life.

 The Shine ya eye Housemate them don finish food oo, according to Pere BBN

Pere BBN
Pere BBN

Pere BBN come follow dey explain say him no believe say biggie and the organisers of big brother naija go give them food wey no reach them for the first week. For my mind, I just dey laugh, Him never see anything. Make them lose wager first.

In addition to mercilessly chopping the food wey big brother give them, the housemates follow waste the food, in fact na wastage of food na him make the new head of house, Peace Ogor being quarrel with her follow housemate, Beatrice.

Na who see food for BBNaija Shine Ya Eye house dey dance.

Pere BBN never finish to hear the full gist, as Kayode shift camera go for the kitchen, na so we see Whitemoney and him gang dey share noodles, Whitemoney BBN dey him zone dey dance and sing and dey cook while Angel dey share food as she and Sammie dey follow dey dance.

Boma BBN and Angel BBN still dey act drama on top food

As we still dey on the food matter, or lack of food matter na so we dey wonder if big brother intentionally give them small food to distract them form the main issue, wey be the Wildcard wey biggie plant for the Shine Ya eye house. Na so so food matter they bother them. E begin with HOH peace and continue with Angel wey dey quarrel person wey go use four whole spoons of milk for cereal. That person ma, Na wa oo.

Another person dey complain say them wan chop the last bread for house while Boma BBN to never finish understand how person go comfortably dey eat fried rice and bread. Boma no go Borden House for Naija na why food combination

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