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Most popular Valentine’s gifts perfect for 2023 valentine

Getting a romantic valentine’s gift for your partner can be quite a hassle if you do not know the right thing to give. To make Valentine’s season and the season of love seamless and easy for you, we have compiled a list of Valentine’s gifts that were popular in 2022. These gifts would also make the perfect gift for the love of your life come valentine’s day, 2023.

Most Popular Valentine’s Day Gifts

  • Flower Bouquet
  • Money bouquet
  • Luxuries dinner date night
  • Boat cruise around Lagos
  • Money cake
  • Accessories
  • Cakes, pastries and sweet
  • Romantic getaway
  • A day at a spar and a week of pampering

Flower Bouquet

A flower bouquet suddenly became a gift that Nigerian girls loved and appreciated in 2022. You can add a little love and romance to this gift with a handwritten card that says more than just “I love you” but a card that starts with the words, “some things I love about you.”

roses, red roses, vase

A flower bouquet will also make the perfect gift if you pair it with something else. For instance, a flower bouquet will pair well with a wrapped box containing chocolates, wine, or a beautiful dress. You can also pair your flower bouquet with a nice date night, starting with a romantic dinner and ending with a memorable evening spent together.

Money Bouquet

You should definitely consider ordering a beautiful money Bouquet for her!!!

Money bouquets come in different sizes, colours, shapes and designs. If you want to add romance and sexiness to this perfect valentine’s day gift for her, add some flowers. I suggest lilies, roses, or orchids for adding a personal touch to your money bouquet.

With a short handwritten card, you can write a love letter titled “what I love about you,” which is also perfect for valentine’s day romance. The card or the bouquet can be heart-shaped to match all the love in the air.

Luxuries Dinner and Date Night

Several restaurants, pastries shops, and hotspots are perfect for Valentine’s day enjoyment. Presenting a flower bouquet and a gift set is the perfect gesture, but sometimes spending the day together playing games, enjoying meals, and watching movies.

For the best date night ideas for the two of you, check out Cosmopolitan for The 223 Most Unique and Romantic Date Ideas to Try in 2023. This list includes everything from Stip poker, Try to hang gliding, skydiving and many more romantic activities for you two to try.

Enjoy A Boat Cruise In Lagos And Abuja

If she loves outdoor activities and adventure, planning outdoor activities is just the way to go. Plan activities like boat cruises and kayaking are simple ways to spend time together and create beautiful memories.

Not all the states in Nigeria have a place for activities like boat cruises. Although every town has a zoo, reserve and resort, that is a perfect replacement. In the end, the goal is to let her know she can trust you!! Putting thoughts into holidays like valentine’s day will let her know you are happy to have her in your life.

Money Cake

The money cake is a replica of the money bouquet. A money cake is a stack of cash designed to look like a cake. It is the perfect way to present money to your partner to amuse instead of the traditional bank transfer… money cakes are also very suitable for the gram!!


A quality tote from a local designer, an adorable clutch from her favourite luxury, and a glittery heart necklace are sure to please. Check in your local supermarket, mall or marketplace for the perfect accessories if she’s into them.

Men are also fond of fashion accessories, from wristwatches to gold chains, diamonds and briefcases. Paying attention to their needs and personal style will guide you on which is perfect for your boyfriend as a valentines gift.

Cakes, Pastries And Sweet

Find all of the tastiest heart-shaped pastries coated in chocolate or the creamiest frosting to go with a night of movies and romance. They are a blend of deliciousness, emotions, sweetness, and happiness. Hence, they make the best gifts for all recipients and celebrations. Sweets and pastries are also suitable to take along if you are staying in for Netflix and chill.

Romantic Weekend Getaway Is Perfect Valentine’s gift for The Partner Who Works A Lot

The idea behind a romantic getaway is to leave work behind, decompress and spend quality time with your partner. And so, for lovers’ day, you could choose to spend the weekend at TRANS CORP Hilton, Hallyday resort, Eco Hotels and Suite or Obudu Cattle Ranch. The best part is to spend quality time together.

Where you and your girlfriend or wife cannot go away for the weekend, a staycation is also attainable. Have your meals delivered to you and your girlfriend or wife while she enjoys the cosiest beauty sleep possible. In the loving comfort of your arm… of course!

A Day At A Spar Or Week Of Pampering As Valentine’s Gifts For Couples

For couples who love to be pampered, a day at a spar enjoying various treatments is perfect. Couples in love can enjoy time at a spar as part of a pamper day package. For most spars, a relaxing massage (often a back, neck and shoulders massage), a soothing facial, and a luxurious manicure or pedicure. The pamper day packages at some spars might include lunch, refreshments, afternoon tea or dinner.

A Day At A Spar Or Week Of Pampering As Valentine's Day Gifts For Couples

A pamper day will typically feature one or more treatments (either inclusive or chosen from a menu), plus access to the spa’s leisure facilities, which may include:

  • swimming pool and/or hydrotherapy pool
  • sauna/steam room
  • experience showers
  • hot tub/jacuzzi
  • gym/fitness suite

Include any of the above for a complete experience!!

What Can I Do For Valentine’s Day With My Girlfriend

Sometimes doing the same old thing can be bland. When there is no romantic tradition or a couple has been together for a long time, when seasons like this come, it is best to mix things up and try new things from time to time. We have a list of activities perfect for the two of you and a group of your friends. These activities are sure to make the 2023 valentine’s unique.

gambling, contest, poker

Some of the things you can do on Valentine’s day outside of sex, dates and roses include:

  1. Netflix
  2.  Game night with other couples
  3.  Visiting the Arcade
  4. Try laser tag or VR games with friends would be a great way to spend the day.
  5.  You can spend the day learning something new, pottery making, baking, cooking, or bead-making
  6.  Keep an eye out for all on our blog for more ways to make your girlfriend or boyfriend feel extra special for the rest of the years.

Give them something they have always asked for

We’re not saying you should buy your man a “world’s best boyfriend mug” or a waffle made with a heart-shaped container for Valentine’s Day gifts, but if she has always wanted them, then by all means.

Valentine's Day gifts

The idea of giving your partner something they have always wanted is to make an impression and show that you can be there for them and you listen!!

What is the traditional Valentine’s gift?

Some of the most traditional valentine’s day gifts for women are red roses, chocolate, sex and accessories. The most traditional valentine’s day gifts for men in Nigeria include briefs, neckties, Boxers, perfumes, and sex!!

What is the traditional Valentine's gift

You can check out the amazon gift guide for the perfect gift or scroll through a part of Hearst digital media like cosmopolitan for some of the sexiest gifts of the season.

For more ideas, especially those perfect for married couples, check out AeetesQ lifestyle and design page for everything from the Home decor that will add romance to your valentine’s day!!

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