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Manly Man: Harry Styles, my manly man.

Harry Styles, now known as a manly man, has been in the news following his cover of Vogue magazine because he wore a dress.

Manly Man: Harry Styles, My manly man,

Candace Owens called out Harry Styles because he wore a dress, accusing Harry of “destroying masculinity” and now he has addressed her claims. He clapped back by wearing another dress with the caption “Bring back manly man”. I guess his clap-back was poetic. Women have the luxury of wearing whatever they want; I can wear a pantsuit, boyfriend’s jeans, or a T-shirt. A woman is not less girly because she wears trousers.

“There is no society that can survive without strong men. The East knows this. In the west, the steady feminisation of our men at the same time that Marxism is being taught to our children is not a coincidence. It is an outright attack.”

Candace Owens


In an ideal world, a manly man is a man with more advanced puberty symptoms. I mean, think about it, broad chest, deep voice, hair all over!! Or just the right places. Society’s idea of what a man should be.

So, who is my manly man? Any man who can wear a Tom Ford suit would, for lack of a perfect description, turn my panties to ash!! Literally!!! I also love a confident, ambitious man with a commanding presence; I mean, cute as f*#k; how about a neat man, who is also messy, but clean, just not cleaner than me; give me that!! Give me all these to go!!

But I dislike a man in dress; society never gave me the chance to want them.

Give me a chance, let men wear makeup, wigs and custom Vera Wang dresses if they want. We can normalise this. Who knows…? my manly man may be a man who can perform magic (on himself, of course) with a contour stick.

Who is a manly man, anyway?

I just told you who a manly man is to me, my very own superficial list. Here is no such thing as a manly man; in case there is, all he needs to be is a DAMN GOOD MAN!!

More men in dresses can create a genderless society.

Harry Styles, My manly man,

Our society places so many vain expectations that determine gender, sexuality, race and class. These constructs and expectations indirectly create a judgemental society. 

 We all make assumptions based on what we see, even before others get the chance to fail. What if there is a world where we eliminate these? Maybe if we see more men in clothes that our society already decided, that is for women, without questioning their sexuality? The world can collectively strengthen. We can also see and address ourselves as human, with no gender expectations, limitations, and bias. This may be a big step in creating a better world.

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