Lagos State Govt gives actress Iyabo Ojo 7 days to pay N18m tax or risk jail

The Lagos State Government gave Iyabo Ojo seven days to pay N18,640,092.00 in personal income tax or face prison. According to the letter, they accused her of owing N7,376,000.00 in tax for the year 2022. She also owes N11,264,092 in back taxes for the 2021 tax year.

In response to the letter, Iyabo Ojo took to her Instagram page on Monday, June 5, 2023to criticise the method used to determine the tax bill she received. Sharing a picture of the bill, she questioned the Lagos State Government and Governor Jide Sanwo-Olu about the exorbitant amount. Iyabo said she had already paid taxes on her businesses and properties. Nonetheless, the government was still demanding a large amount with a short deadline.

“The amount demanded is beyond my means. “Iyabo Ojo”

Last time, you people asked me to come to your office, I came, you asked me to explain and declare what I earn, which I did with my tax consultant, but no you did not respond to my letter, because you want me to pay you an outrageous amount that I do not have, make I go thief ni? I ask again, ‘How do you people come up with such outrageous bills?

Actress, Iyabo Ojo

Iyabo Ojo further expressed her frustration with the government’s approach, recounting her previous experience when she was asked to visit the government office and provide an explanation of her earnings. She complied and consulted with her tax advisor, but received no response from the government regarding her declaration. She emphasised that the amount demanded was beyond her means and questioned the basis for such high bills.

The actress also expressed her disappointment with the Lagos State Government, questioning what they have done for her as a citizen. She highlighted that despite her contributions through various taxes; she feels that the government has no support or benefits. In her Instagram post, she sarcastically suggested that if the government insists on pursuing such a high tax amount, they can close down her business, arrest her, or even take her life, as ultimately, everyone will pass away someday.

The situation has started a discussion about personal income tax bills and the need for transparency in the tax system. As the issue unfolds, it remains to be seen how Iyabo Ojo and the Lagos State Government will resolve this dispute over the tax bill.

Controversial Blogger Cutie Juls reacts to Iyabo Ojo’s claims

Sharing a newspaper headline from back in 2019, the famous blogger asked if the actress had paid the initial tax fully.

The newspaper headline reads: Actress Iyabo Ojo cries out as LASG hits her with 36 million tax lien.”
Her caption also reads:
In 2019, there was nothing like Obidient, Atikilated, BATFIEDS etc. Iyabo, you’ve always had some arrears.
Sweetheart, did you clear this completely and also paid all subsequent?
Yes, one could be paying their tax but does the fellow pay in full?

This was in reference to the actress’s suggestion that she was allegedly given the outrageous task because she did not support the sitting governor in the just concluded 2023 elections.

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