Igbo presidency 2023: How democratic is the Igbo presidency cry?

Igbo presidency 2023 has been one of the top conversations as we gear up for the 2023 elections. The southeast and eastern regions have asked each party to zone their presidential ticket to the east. The pressure is more on the most popular political parties, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and the All Progressive Congress (APC). This zone will ensure that every presidential candidate must hail from either the eastern or southeastern part of Nigeria. 

Maybe we need an Igbo President

Igbo presidency 2023

Of course, the Igbo are famous for their business minds and illustrious nature, which runs in their blood. Entrepreneurs like the chairperson of Innoson Motor chief Innocent Chukwuma, celebrated Night Club owner and socialite, Obi Cubana are prof of their business skill. There are several successful business men from the east in addition to thousands of business owners made from the popular Igbo-trademarked stewardship.

It is impossible to take away from the glaring fact that the right Igbo man might be the perfect candidate for the job.

There are business executives all over Nigeria. Most of the notable business executives in Nigeria are not Igbo; the likes of Aliko Dangote, Mike Adenuga, and Femi Otedola are business owners who have tremendous business success.

What Nigeria truly needs might not be an Igbo president.

Maybe we actually need an Igbo president, a man with the skill set to deliver Nigeria from the debts, crashing GDP, and absolute poverty, or maybe not. There is no right tribe for the job or right party for the job. What Nigeria needs is competency, a candidate with the right vision and skill set to improve the country and work on the progress made by the present administration, led by President Muhammadu Buhari.

Reasons the Demand for the Igbo presidency 2023 is undemocratic.

Exploiting the system to ensure that whoever wins the election or whichever party wins the 2023 elections, the next president would be from a specific region, may be the trickiest way to manipulate a democratic system. 

If you are wondering if the quest for the Igbo presidency in 2023 is undemocratic, well, the idea of wanting the next president of Nigeria to be from a tribe is fair. We all want our brothers and sisters to be the next president. Manipulating the zoning process to ensure a specific outcome is where it gets tricky. We all want a better Nigeria Igbo presidency 2023 or not.

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