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Housemates up for eviction this week, who nominated the 6 BBN housemates?

Housemates up for eviction this week: The first live nomination show take place just now. After all the drama and tension from the first live eviction show yesterday. The BBNaija housemates say bye-bye to three of the OG housemates starting with Jerins BBN  wey say him be polymath and due to wetin dey do, him be musician, artist, medical doctor and plenty other things. Followed by Niyi BBN wey marry oyibo woman and dey run fantasy football website for South Africa. The final housemate to commot from BBN yesterday na Beatrice, the computer person. After everything, biggie still introduce four surprise yesterday two boys and two girls.

Image by Leroy Skalstad from Pixabay 

Pere also win the head of house completion making am the third head of house in addition to peace Ogor who be the first female and first head of house for the entire Shine Ya  Eye season. Followed by Boma who hand over the Head of House mantle to Pere who come later select Maria BBN as him assistant Head of House.

List of put other BBN Housemates up for eviction this week.

  1. Boma nominate Saskay and princess
  2. Cross Nominate princess and Tega
  3. Saga nominate Princess and Tege
  4. Whitemoney nominate Arin and Jaypaul
  5. NiNi nominate princess and Emmanuel
  6. Jackie B Nominate Saga and NINI
  7. Sammie Nominate Tega and Princess
  8. JayPaul Nominate Maria and Peace
  9. Liquorose put Saga and Arin up for Nomination
  10. Arin Nominate Emmanuel and Tega
  11. Yusef put Arin and Boma
  12. Princess nominate Saga and Arin
  13. Pere Nominate Princess and Saskay
  14. Saskay put Whitemoney and NINI
  15. Peace Ogor Nominate Tega and Princess
  16. Emmanuel Nomiinat Tega and Maria
  17. Tega put NINI and Arin for possible nomination
  18. Angel nominate Emmanuel and Princess
  19. Maria nominate Arin and Angel

Housemates up for eviction this week

Housemates up for eviction this week
Image by Leroy Skalstad from Pixabay 

Biggie take time address how Housemate dey talk small small make we no hear, say him go visit am another time. So totally who dey up for nomination for this week na possible nomination this week na:

  • Arin,
  • Emmanuel,
  • Princess,
  • NINI,
  • Saga (Pere use him veto power replace Saga with Saskay
  • Tega.

Head of House, Pere come replace Saga with Saskay.

This week, Biggie no give the head of House the opportunity to select housemate wey him wan save from possible eviction, Biggie allow them complete the entire nomination process and announce the Housemates up for eviction this week and make the Head of house, Pere use him Veto power, wey he come use replace Saga with saskay. before him allow Pere BBN select him deputy wey come be Maria.

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