Here Is How To Transfer Airtime from MTN to MTN

MTN and other service providers have merged some codes we can use to get information, as directed by the NCC. Apart from the merger, there have been changes in most of the codes like how to Transfer Airtime On MTN and how to check your call credit balance. However, *121# remains the same if you want to check for your data bonus offer or buy cheap data on MTN.

How to transfer credit from MTN to MTN

Follow the specified steps to transfer or share data and airtime from MTN to MTN. Please note that these instructions are specifically for MTN users.

Step 1: Check your Balance!

Ensure you have recharged data and purchased enough airtime. You can buy airtime on your MTN Line by loading a recharge card or buying directly from your bank account. 

You cannot share data bonus (if they give you data after you buy a recharge card or you subscribe using *121# then you cannot transfer it from your MTN line to another MTN line )

Step 2: To transfer airtime on MTN dial *321#

If you are using an MTN line, you can transfer data by dialling *321#. This code will take you to a menu where you can choose to share airtime (credit transfer), gift data (data transfer for browsing), or use the MTN SME Data Share service.

How To Transfer Airtime from MTN to MTN

MTN SME Data Share is a service designed for business owners who want to provide mobile data to their staff members, regardless of location. It enables businesses to share data with their employees, ensuring they can stay connected and use mobile internet services.

Step 2: Choose between the options

Reply to the prompt that appears with the number you want. These options may change. However, the options available are:

  • 1 Airtime Share
  • 2 Gift Data
  • 3 SME 

Option 1: Airtime Share and Share n Sell

MTN Share n sell

This option leads you to a menu with five options: Transfer Airtime, Change pin, Forgot pin, Create pin and Help. To choose the option, reply to the prompt with the aligning number.

Here is what to choose: 

  • If you are using this service for the first, you should choose option 4 to create a PIN. You will be to provide your email and a security question. You will also be asked to enter and confirm you set your PIN dial *321*1*3#
  • Choose option 1 to transfer airtime from MTN to MTN. This option is for MTN subscribers who have been using the service. If you remember your PIN and do not want to change or reset your PIN, you can also choose option 1. 
  • Choose option 2 to change your PIN if you feel like you disclosed your PIN or someone has tampered with your line. You should endeavour to change your PIN. Always remember to keep all your PINs and Passwords safe.
  • If you forgot your PIN or if you are not sure what your PIN is, choose option 3 to recover your PIN. This is important because you can risk being blocked if you try too many wrong PINs.

How To Share Airtime And Data On The My MTN App

If you use the My MTN App, you are also covered. If you are confused about whether to use the old or new code to transfer data, this option is perfect for you.

To share your data using the MyMTN mobile app, follow these steps:

  1. Download the MyMTN mobile app on your device.
  2. Log in to the app using your account credentials.
  3. On the homepage, locate and click on the “Share” option.
  4. From the available sharing options, select “Data.”
  5. Enter the amount of data you wish to share.
  6. Provide the recipient’s phone number.
  7. Proceed by clicking on the appropriate button or option.
  8. The data-sharing process will be initiated, and your selected amount of data will be transferred to the recipient’s account.

Remember to ensure that you have an active data balance to share and verify the recipient’s phone number to avoid any errors during the transfer. Please note that the specific steps and options, specifically within the MyMTN app, may vary slightly depending on the version and updates of the app.

The Former Share n Sell Code No Longer Works!

Before NCC Directive, you can transfer data from MTN to MTN by dialling *777*recipient’s number*amount*PIN#, then clicking SEND.

Example, *777*08031244467*1000*1234# and then send OK. Once the transfer goes through, you will receive an SMS confirming a successful transfer. 

Here are some points to keep in mind when learning how to migrate to MTN Share and Sell in 2023:

  1. Sharing airtime using this service is free of charge. There are no additional fees for transferring airtime.
  2. You can only transfer amounts in Naira, not Kobo. For example, you can transfer ₦200.00 but not ₦100.99.
  3. There is a minimum limit of ₦50.00 for a single transaction, and the maximum limit is ₦5,000.00. Make sure your transfer amount falls within this range.
  4. The maximum amount you can transfer in a single day, whether to a single account or multiple accounts, is ₦100,000.00.
  5. There is no limit to the number of transactions you can make daily. You can do multiple transfers if needed.
  6. You will get an error message if you do not have enough credit on your prepaid account. Additionally, the transfer will not go through. Ensure your account has sufficient balance before making the transfer.
  7. You can only transfer airtime when you do not owe MTN. If your account balance is ₦-5000.00, you cannot transfer airtime.

These points should help you understand the guidelines and limitations when using the MTN Share and Sell service. If you have questions, please refer to MTN customer care for assistance.

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