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Gifts for Nigerian your husband: 11 gifts that would wow your husband.

Exciting gifts for your Nigerian husband: 2023 is already a fantastic year. To keep up the great start, it is a great time to show the fantastic men in our lives how much we love and appreciate them. These are perfect gifts for a Nigerian husband for his birthday, valentine or other special days.

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We all can agree that the men (the good men) in our lives need to be treated like the king they are, so they do not forget that they are loved and that their hard work does not go unnoticed.

An Exciting List Of Gift Ideas For A Nigerian Husband

This is a collection of exciting gifts for Nigerian husbands that are expensive, cheap, and completely free. This collection of exciting gifts for your Nigerian husband includes:

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  1. Beacation
  2. Family time
  3. Vacation
  4. Rest and relaxation
  5. Fix some things around the house
  6. Naviforce Waterproof watch
  7. Fuerdanni Men’s Leather Wallet
  8. His Favorite Football Club’s Jersey
  9. T-shirt and shorts
  10. Add to his Savings and Investment Account
  11. Wine and drinks
  12. Be supportive
  13. Investments for the family
  14. A car
  15. New outfits
  16. 2pcs Men’s Shirt Bundle
  17. Black Dress Shoes
  18. A nice unisex wallet
  19. Oraimo Silver Edition Smart Watch
  20. Jaybird RUN True Wireless Sport Headphones DQ-M
  21. Audio Technica ATH-M30x Monitor Headphones

Family time

Family time makes for an extremely exciting gift for your Nigerian husband because, in most traditional Nigerian homes, the mothers spend more time with the children, tending to them, taking care of them and spending time with them, while the father is away from the family most of the time for work.

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Scheduling a weekend of family time could be fun. Enjoy breakfast, a picnic or a nice movie or a game night with your family.


Gifts for Nigerian your husband

Who doesn’t need a vacation in Nigeria… right? If it’s within your budget, you opt for a vacation within or outside Nigeria. The goal of a family vacation remains to make beautiful memories with the entire family.

Besides the resorts in the best cities in Nigeria for vacation, such as Lagos State, Akwa Ibom and Abuja. You can give him time out in countries like Seychelles, Maldives and South Africa.

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Check out websites like Travelbeta and Wakanow for amazing travel deals, including booking cheap flights, hotels and mouth-watering vacation packages.

You Can Get Your husband A Naviforce Waterproof Watch For Your Nigerian man

Elevate his appearance with a black leather wristwatch and accompanying bracelets. The polished watch adds a dash of refinement to any ensemble, while the bracelets add a little swag. He can use this watch effortlessly through casual and formal occasions.

The Naviforce Waterproof watch has a Strengthening mineral glass, Analog-Digital display allows This is dual time watch. Your husband can set two different time zones, one on the digital and another on the analogue display.

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For any fashion-savvy individual, this accessory set is a necessity and perfect for your Nigerian man as a birthday gift, or anniversary gift idea for a Nigerian man!!

You can get this product on his birthday from Amazon for 38USD or for N8000-N15000

His Favorite Football Club’s Jersey

Jerseys are a vital part of the football world. Not only do players wear these singlets, but also their diehard fans. Over 95% of Nigerian men are football lovers and would appreciate an original jersey of their football club.

Free Jersey T-Shirt photo and picture

If you are feeling extra generous, you can make it a customised Jersey of his favourite team.

Wine and drinks are the perfect presents any Nigerian man would love, especially during the holidays.

If you need creative Christmas gift ideas for a Nigerian man, you can get him a variety of his favourite drinks, from cheap beer to soft drinks and the more expensive cognac and champagne.

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When he opens the refrigerator, make sure that there is a pleasant and delicious beverage that will help him to unwind.

A Bottle of Liquor cant be taken for grantet for a man who likes alcohol. You can also get him a bottle of brandy or spirit if your prefer

Give Him Money!!!

You can pay some money into his account. We do not need to give additional information about this situation. Nigerian men love money too!!

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You can also start or contribute your quota to the family savings, a trust for the kids. The idea is to create financial security for the family or the kids.

A car is one of the most exciting gifts for a Nigerian Man

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If it is within reach, of course, then you can always upgrade his garage.

You can act like you want to show them something outside or in the garage. Place your fingers over his eyes and lead him into the garage with your guidance- surprise!! It’s his new car. 

You can also wrap boxes inside of boxes until they get down to one final small box that houses the key to their new vehicle.

Men’s Leather Wallet

Get your man a leather wallet. They are both functional and fashionable. Help him feel more secure with his money and identity cards and ATM card well placed.

Personalized Leather Passport Holder Christmas Gift Valentine's Day Gift 3rd Anniversary Gift Laser Engraved High Quality Leather Compass Monogram Initials

You can also create a meaningful, personalised passport holder engraved with care. Commemorate your anniversary, gift the perfect holiday present, or monogram them for a one-of-a-kind or wedding party gift.  

Actual Handwriting Engraved Leather Passport Holder Custom Secret Message Laser Engraving

Personalise his leather passport with a choice from several font styles, or fully customise it with your very own handwriting, the signature of your beloved. Head on to Danique Jewellery And Gift for more information on how to engrave your leather wallet.

Be supportive

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When considering what gift to give, providing support is probably more important than any other items on this list. Having the support of a loving and caring boyfriend or girlfriend that encourages you and is there for you during the lows can be far more rewarding than any monetary gain.

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If you need gift ideas for any occasion, whether a birthday gift for your boyfriend or husband, you can start by being the best and the most supportive partner you can be!

T-shirt and shorts

Add to his collection of T-shirts.

Black Dress Shoes

Dress shoes are stylish and classy for men. They pair well with a range of outfits, especially natives and a pair of suits.

Sponsored Ad - Mofri Men's Dress Shoes Formal Cap Toe Oxford Dress Shoes for Men Comfortable

Alternatively, you can opt for a pair of dress shoe slides. They are classy yet laid back and perfect for a business casual outfit.

Bruno Marc Men's Faux Patent Leather Tuxedo Dress Shoes Classic Lace-up Formal Oxford

A pair of his favourite sneakers or trainers is not a bad idea, especially if they are not his style. There are good quality ones you can get for cheap. Just check out the neighbourhood mall.

Get a pair of shoes from any of these that matches his style, this way he will know you have taken time to know him.

Take him out on a date

Take him out and spoil him. If you have never taken him out or paid for his drinks and food. Do it on his next birthday, your anniversary or when you don’t know what to get him. Spend some of your money on him!

New Outfits And Accessories

New inner wears, T-shirts, and suits are some items you can replace in his wardrobe. Whether they are worn out or not, always add something nice to his closet.

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Wristwatches, hats, necklaces and other fashion accessories that fit your husband’s style could make a very exciting gift for your Nigerian husband.

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Check out exciting ways to keep the madam happy!!!

Oraimo Silver Edition Smart Watch

oraimo FreePods 4 Active Noise Cancellation Easy Control APP 35.5-hr Long Playtime Noise Reduction in Calls True Wireless Stereo Earbuds

These Orimao Silver Edition smartwatches are the best substitute for the ultra-expensive Apple Watch. They will also pair well with a range of outfits and give a dash of class to the ensemble.

oraimo Watch 2 Plus BT Quick Call IP68 Resistance HRM SpO2 Monitor  Smart Watch - Online Exclusive

These smartwatches come with music Control, 24 Training Modes, Accurate Activity & Sleep Tracking & Heart Rate monitors. IP68 Waterproof, 1.69 Inch IPS, and close To 20 Days Battery Life.

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