Gel nail polish

Gel nail polish is not really worth the extra cost

If you are wondering if gel nail polish is worth the extra cost, you are not alone. We are also wondering the same thing. Is gel polis really worth the extra cost? Well, let’s go over what we know.

It’s no news that women have embraced the over-the-top and artsy nail designs. With these new designs and styles, it is natural to look for new shine, shimmer and texture to match the elegant designs.

Gel nail polish or not, the shape and design you choose, make all the difference.

The nail design could really be the determining factor in the cost and quality of nails we chose. As for the presentation, they are all the same (acrylic, gel or matte) and a matter of preference.

Fashionable design of manicure on beautiful pens

Length, colour, designs and even the type of nail polish you choose the major designs of nails, based on shapes are:

  • Shovel Nail Design
  • Pencil Nail Design
  • Tip Nail Design
Red French manicure with dahlias on a white background closeup.
  • Shovel Nail Design: shovel nail is a blunt nail. Here are some examples of The Shovel nail design.
Hand with long artificial manicured nails with omber gradient design in pink and white colors
  • Pencil Nail Design is a sharp and pointy nail design, some samples of pencil nail design are below.
Long French manicure on a woman’s hand close-up.
  • Tips Nail Design comes in both Shovel and pencil nail designs, except the fixtures, starting on the tips of the nail to create a natural look.
Beautiful female hands with french manicure on a light background with a shadow

How to achieve natural nail designs seamlessly


Tips nails have to be the oldest of the designs still used. They create a very natural appearance. Based on the colour you choose, they can appear very natural. To achieve the natural look with other shapes, simply cut them shorter to look as natural as the tip design.

Is gel nail polish really worth the extra cost? Our verdict.

As far as presentation goes, you can get the most beautiful designs. It depends on the vibe you are feeling, whether it is glossy or matte, all nail design has a lifespan of two to three weeks.

Solid purple gel polish on very long nails without design. Women’s hands with a lilac manicure. The coating is light purple on the nails.

Nails get broken, remove to protect the nails and they fall off whether they are made with gel nail polish or acrylic.
So here is our verdict; nail gel nail polish is really not worth the extra cost because all types and designs have a lifespan of three to four weeks and gel nail polish or otherwise.

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