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Feminist in Nigeria: Frequently asked questions

Feminist in Nigeria: Frequently asked questions: Here are the answers to some questions about Feminist in Nigeria like; what is feminism, what do feminist want, and is feminism the cause of the increasing divorce rate in Nigeria?

What do Nigerian women think about feminism?

We use feminism to represent our demand for equality and fair treatment for every woman in every geographic, economic, professional, and religious setting.

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Feminism is why marriage no longer as long as it did.

Before you lean towards this theory and blame feminism in Nigeria for the increasing divorce, remember that those were under-aged uneducated women. They married the earlier generation of women off at 12 yrs old by the time there were fifteen; they were mothers’ already. What option do you imagine is available for a fifteen-year-old mother of three? Where will she go with her three children? If her husband maltreated her, especially when her parents sent her off with words like “do anything he asks” and “do not come back home”. I am not implying that every single broken home is because the husband erred, but in those days, women did not really have a choice.

Why do the Feminist in Nigeria not want to pay bills?

Of course, we want to pay the bill; I know I do, but if you are wooing me, you better pay the bill!! If you ask me out on a date, be ready to handle the checks. With that said, if I ever ask to go out, then I am going to pay.

Does feminist want to take over from men?

Feminist in Nigeria

Well, that is debatable and depends on your frame of reference. As a feminist, I can tell you I do not want to overtake any man unless I deserve to. The fundamental idea of feminism is equal and fair treatment of every human being, regardless of gender. Meaning that, in a home, no specific person pays the bill or sweeps the house. Whoever feels up to it picks up the slack. Feminism also means that every treatment I get on my qualification and ability.

Who then is the head of the house with the spread of feminism in Nigeria?

I can’t tell you who the head of the house is. My only issue with the man being the head of the house is that there is no specific body part for a woman. Women should be the heart of the home or any other vital organ. This way, we know that the head is only as functional as the brain or the veins. With that said, the head of home can be the man or the woman; who the body part best fits, let him/her bear it.

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