Women like sex
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Do women like sex as much as men? Women love sex too!!

Do women like sex more than men? Hmm… let me think…Well, I think we like sex just as much as any man. The only difference might just be the capacity and tolerance for our sexual urge may be high. Meaning most women will not have sex until the right situation, environment or condition. We can suppress our sex desire more than men.

women like sex

Our biology also makes us crave sex, although, not as often as men’s periods and ovulation come with intense sexual urges. Therefore, between our periods and ovulation, we crave sex, which is our full cycle that happens every other month.

Other reasons women love sex as much as men

More realistically, I will just be spit balling if I try to give a precise answer because I am a woman so. I have never experienced sex from the male angle. Although, I like to assume that men and women have equal fun on the sheets. Unless there are other factors to be considered. 

Reasons women may hide their love for sex.


There are several reasons women may seem to hide their love for sex.  Here are some reasons women hide how much they love sex:

  • Society shame women for their sexual prowess, for loving sex, and for engaging in sexual activities.
  • Women’s virginal is a secret and a stamp to honour and pride.
  • We have more tolerance for sex and can hold out longer than most men.
  • Who doesn’t love a good chase? Women love to be wooed. 
  • Emotions and sex do not mince well for women because sex comes with a lot of emotional baggage. So women try to hold off until they are comfortable and ready to share. This wait/ trial period can easily be misconstrued as a lack of interest.

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