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Davido is no doubt the most featured artist in Africa 2021.

Davido is fast becoming the most featured Afrobeat artist, raking in several local, international and intercontinental collaborations with a string of talented and diverse artists. OBO is available to upcoming Nigerian artists like Mr Peak and Twist berry and the entire member of his coveted 30BG.

David Adeleke is leaving his mark on the Nigerian music industry, African music scene and the global music scene at the same time. David Adeleke has several features and collaborations with several local and international accreditation setting him as one of the most sought after artists for influence, talent and affluence.
Nigeria is the entertainment centre in Africa and is known for creating music, movies, and other entertainment consumables. This inevitably means that the most featured artist in Nigeria automatically becomes the most featured artist in Africa.

Why do successful artists like Davido opt for collaborations?


It’s easy to assume that artists collaborate with other artists for the title of being “the most featured artist in Africa” and for the “pay”. This is true for most artists, but for an artist like Davido. Rumour has it that David Adeleke charges nothing for collaborations. Being one of the most featured artists in Africa is a testament to hard work and talent. Other reasons include diversity, exposure, brand longevity and acquaintance.

  •  International collaboration also increases exposure because they learn to improve their style and performance by merging and improving their style from what they pick up.
  • The creative industry is constantly growing. One way to surpass the trend is by diversifying, learning, and growing with the business.
  • Brand longevity stems from the growing audience of an artist. Although he may be the most influential artist in a few of his collaboration, Davido is developing his influence in foreign communities and countries.
  • Friendship and familiarity: the music industry is vast and small at the same time. When artists form bonds and friendships with one another, it becomes impossible to avoid collaboration. An undeniable example of this is the friendship between Davido and Chris Brown.
  • The last reason artists opt for collaborations is for the style, sound and genre of said artist. Undoubtedly, the most featured artist in Africa has a unique voice that is rarely misplaced, which is why David Adeleke is one of the most featured artists in Africa.

The reason most artists opt to feature Davido in their music.

Davido is the most featured artist in Africa. 
#OBO #30BG #David Adeleke
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While selecting a personality to feature in any project, some factors we consider include personality, availability, and cost. David Adeleke checks these boxes, capped with his willingness to be supportive.

  • OBO is the most featured artist in Africa because of his Influence

The influence of collaborators will determine the publicity you get on said project. In influence and Afrobeat, David Adeleke remains one of the most influential in reach, affluence, and fan base, especially in Nigeria and Africa.

  • Cost:

David Adeleke charges little or nothing for a feature/ collaboration, especially for the up-and-coming artist. So, it cannot surprise us if one of the most influential personalities in the African music industry is becoming the most featured artist in Africa. Featuring him is practically a 5 for one offer.

  • David Adeleke is the most featured artist in Africa because he makes himself available.

OBO lives’ up to his words ‘we rise by lifting others. This belief is one reason he is the most featured artist in Africa. He makes himself available for all artists, especially the up-and-coming artist and the member of his coveted clique, 30 billion gang.

7 music featuring Davido has featured in, since 2020

Davido is the most featured artist in Africa. 
#OBO #30BG #David Adeleke
Image by Clarence Alford

1. Peruzzi featured OBO in Somebody Baby.

2. Mayorkun collaborated with the DMW boss in Betty Butter.

3. Ghanaian artist Stoneboy featured David Adeleke in his summer hit- Activate.

4. Latino artist Enisa Nikaj, Love circle featured Davido.

5. Mr peak featured Davido and Perruzi Born Sinner

7. Zlatan Ibile features Davido and Mayorkun in Cho Cho.

8. Tiwa Savage featured Davido in Park Well.

9. Boj featured Mr Eazy and OBO in Abracadabra.

10. Up-and-coming artist Twist Berry featured Davido in her single The Code

Some of Davido’s International collaborations

Davido is the most featured artist in Africa. 
#OBO #30BG #David Adeleke

David Adeleke continues to grow his international fan base by collaborating with top artists in other countries. Since last year, David Adeleke has hinted at collaborations with international artists like Busta Rhymes and Drake.

The list of collaborations for OBO goes on and on, from the countless top and upcoming Nigerian artists to top artists Meek Mill and Nås. Davido also has a cameo in the critically acclaimed movie Coming to America.

  •  David Adeleke featured Nicki Minaj in Holy Ground.
  •  OBO Features Chris Brown in his hit Blow My Mind
  • Davido -ft. Lil Baby in the summer Hit, So Crazy.
  • Shopping Spree, OBO featured Chris Brown and Young Thug.
  • OBO featured Sauti Sol in On My Way.

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