Dating in Nigeria
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Dating in Nigeria can give us more than sex if we try.

Dating in Nigeria can be such a minefield that we wonder if you can gain from dating apart from sex. Relationships are sometimes crowded with so many vain and physical expectations.

Dating in Nigeria
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Our need for physicality is justified; although we obsess about sex, our obsession can rob us all of valuable connections and memories. 

Our obsession with physicality dating in Nigeria

Although sex is the most dominant, other physical expectations can be how we look when we are with our partners, when we deck up for our partners, when we coordinate outfits and the optics for social media.

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 Although these are important in the bond shared by partners, most people get carried away with superficial things. They also forget the more priceless memories and intellectual growth we can achieve from our relationships.

Here are 10 worthwhile things dating in Nigeria offers:

Finding a partner to date in Nigeria may not be the bleakest part of the tales of dating in Nigeria. Finding an attractive partner who meets your personal checklist in the pool of interested partners is. Besides the gruesome tales of dating in Nigeria, when last did the person you want, want you back?

Well, kudos to all those who figured that part out; because honestly… These streets are brutal.


Acceptance is the process or fact of being received as adequate, valid, or suitable. Having someone in your life that sees all of you, the quirks, cracks, weird and the ugly, can be a very replenishing experience.


 A conversation is the exchange of ideas, thoughts, and feelings between two or more people. Having a lover who makes you feel comfortable enough to share your thoughts. You can talk about important things like your career, feelings and health. You can also talk about unimportant things like a fun girl trip and office gossip is definitely meaningful.

Who does not need Love in Nigeria?

Many people are so interested in casual affairs and one-time hookups these days and, sometimes, love may seem overrated. Finding love is a bunch of gifts wrapped in one. Finding someone attractive who is also attracted to you, falling in love with them, accepting you are in love with them, and believing that you are in love with them is definitely something. True love and all its butterflies is definitely a feeling worth exploring. 

Dating in Nigeria might be tricky, but who doesn’t need a default travel buddy?

Having someone with your thirst to see the world and having someone to see the world with. We formed a bond in the experience of changing location together, either locally on a road trip or internationally on the plane. If no bond is formed, at least you have a default photographer to capture every moment.


A companion is someone to be with you, laugh, play, talk with, or just be sloppy on the couch with. Dating in Nigeria gives you a partner in crime.


 Support is the verbal and nonverbal process by which one communicates care and concern for another, offering reassurance, empathy, comfort, and acceptance. When things get rough financially, mentally, physically and emotionally, the security of knowing that you have a ride or die is soothing. Having someone you can call on at any time of the day is one of the best reasons for forming relationships and falling in love.

Caring and kindness

Unlike dating in Nigeria, caring and kindness are simple, receiving and giving. I know the good feeling I get when I do something nice and kind to another person. Just the thought that someone you love is happy because of you. Someone going the extra mile to put a smile on your face is definitely an experience. Even if the plan falls short, the thought always counts.

Dating in Nigeria gives you a truckload of friendship and trust

 Imagine having a friend whose self-interest is your happiness and your interest in their happiness. They put you first, and you put them first. You can tell them how you feel, what you did, and you are sure they will always have your back and whatever actions they take is for your own good.


Apart from love, care and attention, dating in Nigeria gives you an automatic sounding board. Getting someone’s opinion of crucial decisions like career steps and health. It’s also a thrill to have someone who helps you pick the best outfit for the party.

Me plus one (Sharing):

Having someone to share your life with, not just the important things like the memories you collect on trips, having kids, and a home, but the not so important things a meal, a pack of cookies. 

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