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Content Marketing Trends For Staying Ahead In 2023

Content marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies in digital marketing. Effective content marketing attracts, engages, and keeps an audience by creating and sharing content on various digital platforms. These include relevant articles, videos, and podcasts.

There are several reasons a B2B marketing strategy should have content marketing. These reasons are that it can boost awareness, demonstrate industry knowledge, and expand a brand’s reach.

Content Marketing
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The more content marketing becomes popular, the more it evolves. Similarly, determining the right strategy has become a continuous challenge for content marketers.

Join us to explore five content marketing trends for 2023 and tactics for staying ahead of the competition.

Using Visual Content In Content Marketing

Visual content is becoming the dominant content format, especially on social media. Instagram’s CEO Adam Mosseri announcing the platform will move towards prioritizing video in July 2021 makes my point clearer. Below are tips for creating impactful visual content in 2022.

Video Marketing

According to business insider, in 2020, the number of digital video viewers reached 244.4 million in the US alone. It is not surprising because 86% of marketing professionals use videos as a primary marketing tool.

Using Visual Content In Content Marketing
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It is essential to create video content that resonates with your target audience. There are factors to consider when developing your first strategy. These factors include researching your audience’s preferences and exploring various platforms.

Another excellent tactic for video content is adding subtitles. Subtitles aid accessibility and increases views and watch time for viewers who prefer videos without sound.


An infographic is imagery and data visualisation, like pie charts and bar graphs. They usually contain minimal text to give an easy-to-understand overview of a topic.

Infographics help content creators to simplify and illustrate complex topics. Their purpose is more informative rather than entertainment. Spicing up your content with detailed infographics can boost the impact and reach of your articles. Enabling the share function can also allow visitors to republish their websites.

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The share function is an easy way to create backlinks and you can also easily repurpose infographics for social media promotion, such as LinkedIn and search engines.

Leveraging the Demand for Virtual Events

The pandemic had a significant impact on the popularity of virtual events. Being forced to stay at home made working from home and virtual events more popular in 2020. This trend has continued until 2022. 

Content Marketing
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Although the world is slowly transitioning back to in-person events, there is a future in hybrid and online events. Thus, marketers can leverage these changes to reach more diverse audiences. Some virtual events worth exploring are live-streaming trade shows, seminars, and summits. You can also host or broadcast these and more online for your audience to revisit in their own time. 

Hosting virtual events has advantages and disadvantages, but the profits outweigh the disadvantages. Organising one as a marketing strategy is a great way to get people talking about your brand. 

Get Started With Buyer Enablement 

While business-to-consumer (B2C) differs from business-to-business (B2B), the same general idea applies. You want to help your customers, provide value and ensure it’s easy for them to make purchases.

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Whether you are focusing on B2B or B2C, the goal remains to achieve more real-time buyer enablement. Your content should arch towards brand discovery and provide valuable information to buyers. You can do this by covering topics related to your products and the results they can deliver. Buyer enablement also means supporting sales teams by providing content and insight that makes buying seamless. In conclusion, buyer enablement is simply creating content that supplies customers with the data and guidance they need to decide at the right time.


As the year progresses, content marketing will probably continue to evolve to match changing buyer needs and new technological features. Whether you are building your strategy from scratch or updating an existing content marketing plan, Client-centricity is an element in marketing that you should not overlook.

Study new trends before implementing them. An in-depth look at trends will ensure that they are appropriate for your brand image and goals. Just because they work for a competition doesn’t mean they will work for you. You can also change and implement trends to fit your brand and style. 

Sticking to your brand vision and challenging the strategies can make your marketing strategy the standard for emerging brands.

Finally, make marketing decisions based on data and feedback from your audience. Content that is accurate to the buyer’s intent and behaviour of your target market will probably gain positive results. 

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