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Cheap Valentine’s day gift: 7 Cheap Valentine’s day gifts for my Nigerian boyfriend and girlfriend

Cheap Valentine’s day gift: These Valentine’s day gift ideas are cheap, will not break your bank but make your boyfriend/ girlfriend feel loved and special. They are affordable Valentine’s day gift any Nigerian boyfriend and girlfriend will love.

Valentine’s day is around the corner, the season of love and sharing; we all can unanimously agree that the usual boxers and singlet our Nigerian girls give our Nigerian boyfriends for valentine won’t cut it this year. Well, neither will the plastic roses.

Cheap Valentine’s day gift

The world is still recovering from the 2020 global pandemic and lockdown. Therefore, it is safe to assume that our budget for the most special day for lovers may not totally reflect the way we feel about them. Which is totally okay!! I understand. Today is a good day to believe that the best things in life are free.

Quit wondering what the perfect Valentine’s day gift for your Nigerian boyfriend and girlfriend will be because I have a few ideas that are affordable yet and thoughtful.

My previous gift idea had thoughtful gifts but was quite expensive. Realizing this, I have created a more affordable gift guide that is thoughtful. A thoughtful gift is not only for a “broke” Nigerian boyfriend or girlfriend but also applies to a partner who can afford/ has everything you can afford.

Here are seven gifts for your Nigerian boyfriend and Nigerian girlfriend, friends, and family. These gifts are not only perfect for a Cheap Valentine’s day gift but can be a way to make them feel special all year round.

Cook them a delightful meal every Nigerian man and woman loves that.

Every Nigerian man and woman loves a good meal. So, put your culinary skill to use, make him/her a delightful meal for your partner, preferably his/her favorite meal. If you do not have culinary skills, that’s also fine. Imagine their surprise when they find out you learned to cook simply to make their day special. This is homely and intimate, and usually, after a meal, there could be dessert.

Handwritten cards: Nigerian women love the mushy stuff

Handwritten cards are thoughtful and Cheap Valentine’s day gift
A love letter By Gadini

Greeting cards was one way we showed our love and appreciation to our loved ones when we were young. They are cheap and come with pre-written words. Those were really nice, but far from my idea. Saying something kind and romantic to your girlfriend and boyfriend on Valentine’s Day is a no-brainer. Say something to them in your own words and handwriting. These words should come directly from your heart.

Give them customized gift cards and coupon. (they are Cheap Valentine’s day gift).

You can write customized gift cards on sticky notes or cardboard. Get more information from our previous post.

Making a wish come true will make a very cheap Valentine’s day gift

This is will not only make your valentine special but will also strengthen your relationship. Give them what they have always wanted or something you know they’d love, like dropping the unpleasant habit or attitude they always complain about. This can also be sexual or basic desires.

ask me anything: Make a wish come true

Prayers make a completely free and cheap valentine’s day gift. Say a prayer for your partner.

This is for those who believe in a higher power, God, Allah and the universe. Calling on these higher powers to protect, meet their needs and guide your boyfriend or girlfriend for Valentine’s days may be the best thing you can give to them. Send them love, light and happiness not only on Valentine’s Day but when you get the chance.

A basket of the customized Valentine’s gift. (Send them kind words, it’s cheap)

Cheap Valentine’s day gift, kind words
An Image of kind words by Kranich17

This can be a playful basket with items that will make the smile. Or handwritten (in your handwriting, of course) words they can pick from to lift them up when they feel sad. This basket can also contain romantic and sexy notes, all the gifts listed above. Mix them up!!

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