African culture

African Culture

African Culture is rich and very diverse, yet certain aspects unite this vast continent. Keep an eye out for the contents in this category. We designed them for you to learn about the culture, heritage, customs, traditions and folklore. 

Africa also has many ethnic groups and nationalities. These groups have varying qualities, such as language, dishes, greetings, and dances. However, all African peoples share a series of dominant cultural traits which distinguish African Culture from the rest of the world. These values include social, moral, political, economic, and aesthetic values. These contribute to African Culture.

African Cuisine
Traditional Eastern Nigerian recipe prepared with Goat meat, spices, seasonings, vegetables and palm oil.

Join us as we appreciate the various aspects of the African culture, from the music, fashion, entertainment folklore and traditions.

African Cultures And Art

African arts and crafts include sculpture, weaving, beading, painting, pottery, jewellery, headgear and dress. We proudly represented more of these and more in events, our attires and celebrations.


Beyond the African favourites like kente or nwetoma, Laces and Aduke batik, AeetesQ showcase the African fashion designers from the young and upcoming to the seasoned. We also share inspired designs and outfits.

African Music

Some of the most popular music in Africa includes Afro Pop, Samba, Jazz, Rhythm and Blues, Rock & Roll, Salsa, and Rap music. Join us as we appreciate the various African artists making waves in the global music scene.

African Food

Our rich lands play an enormous part in the foods we eat. African cuisines include fruit, grain, vegetables, milk and meat products. AeetesQ showcases the flourishing agricultural industry in Africa, authentic African cuisine, and its recipes.

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