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AeetesQ: Build your portfolio as a Nigerian writer.

Build your portfolio as a Nigerian writer with AeetesQ: gives a platform to aspiring Nigerian writers and writers all over Africa to build a portfolio. Nigerian Writers can earn incentives, learn, and develop themselves as writers. There are a few ways to create a portfolio with AeetesQ.

 Here is a rundown of how you can begin:

Send and wait for your pitch to be approved. AeetesQ will get back to you in less than one week.

  • Craft SEO articles
  • Listicle, and
  • Themed blog posts.

We allow writers to learn through one-on-one conversation with professional editors. Writers can explore their niche and expand their talent.

Writing articles that are personal to you is the easiest way to begin; your immediate environment, experiences, and opinion give you the proper motivation and knowledge about the topic. This way, you will write from your heart. To build a portfolio with Aeetesq, you need to present original work. A standard article (listicle or post) comprise at least 400 words, at least three headlines.


A rundown of Aeetesq: Category, tags Nigerian writers can write about:(Focusing on travel)

A travel category introduces and visitor to your city and tells them everything they need to know about the people, culture and location. The AeetesQ travel category includes additional topics like a restaurant in your city, bar and clubs; you highlight the best things about the nightlife in your city.

AeetesQ travel channel

The AeetesQ travel channel shares essential Information about places, for example, the most popular mode of transportation, culture. Visualize yourself with the newbie in your City, saying, “Hey there, these restaurants or parks are the bombs in Abuja!!!”.

Crafting SEO articles and listicle 

write SEO articles foor AeetesQ

Search engine optimization is a digital marketing tool that allows content on a website to crawl in search engines (to appear on a search) and then rank high. Here, a post should appear on the first two pages of specific search results.

There is no specific trick to crafting SEO articles, but there a few tips like

  • Researching keywords.
  • Select keywords that have low competition and potentially high searches.
  • Placing the keywords strategically within your article without overcrowding. 
  • Find out more information on our “write for us” page.   

Search engine optimization with AeetesQ

Search engine optimization is suited for a writer interested in building a tangible writing portfolio as a writer. We expect writers to pitch topics ranging from places, sites, lifestyle, food and entertainment, etc. I was more interested in writing on topics that were outrightly unfamiliar to me. Because I could read upload thoroughly about these before I write and learn something new, and immerse myself in a world that is entirely different from mine. 

Writing from personal experience or sharing your opinion about a topic (agreeing or disagreeing with them) is the easiest way to begin because you write from your heart. Your work will be more original.