Buenos Aires is a city of rich culture, architecture and stories.

Buenos Aires translates to Good Airs, is the capital of Argentina and is the most popular city in Argentina. It is officially called “Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires,” which means the autonomous city of Buenos. 

It is an autonomous city which means it has freedom from external authority. They have their constitution.

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is one of the first one of t cities to allow residents to pay their taxes with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. According to the Buenos Aires Secretary of Innovation and Digital Transformation, Diego Fernández, the rising inflation rates and blooming crypto community in Argentina and the prospect of adopting bitcoin as legal tender in the country are some reasons for the decision.

Lifestyle and tourism in Buenos Aires 

The residents of Buenos Aires are called Portenos, which means “people from the port.” It is a destination that allows visitors to have an exceptional travel experience with good people, historical buildings and good food.

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is the second most visited Latin American city in South America, following Mexico City, the most visited Latin American city.

Exciting sites, locations and monuments to look out for in Buenos Aires.

Visit the first bookstore in Buenos Aires.

 Librería de Ávila was created in 1785. It was formerly called Librería del Colegio, and the first bookstore in Buenos Aires. 

Plaza Dorrego

Markets and malls are must-see tourist attractions for visitors. They are a one-stop location for food, culture, gift stores and people. Plaza Dorrego is the second oldest market in Argentina and the best place to get leather, handicrafts, ETC. It is also the best place to catch local tango dancers performing, especially Sundays.

Must-try dishes

Food is a big part of travelling, for tourists in new cities, for tourists looking to take in every aspect of the foods, what they use, how it is prepared and served. Here is a look at some of the most prestigious meals in Argentina and a special at the prominent Buenos Aires Parrilla.

  • Asado.
  • Milanesa de carne.
  • Empanadas.
  • Merienda Pastries & Coffee
  • Street Meat On The Costanera

 Some historical structures to lookout 

Here are some of the best of the best to look out for when you vacation in Buenos Aries.

The obelisk de Buenos Aries 

An obelisk is a tall square tapered stone monolith with a pyramidal point. The obelisk de Buenos Aries is the most ancient monolith carved out of a single stone.

It is a historical and national monument in Argentina, erected in 1936 to commemorate the quadrennial of the first foundation of the city. Over the decades, the obelisk has been used to commemorate global events.

Commiserating with local and global events using the obelisk.

  • A giant pencil was used to cover the monument to commemorate the Night of pencils.
  • The obelisk was covered with a giant pink condom on December 1st 2005, for world AIDs day, to spread awareness about HIV and AIDs.
  • Olympic rings were also placed on the obelisk at the opening ceremony of the 2018 summer youth Olympics.

Events and how they celebrate

Every day is a party in Tango street, San Telmo Buenos Aires. You will find residents happily doing the tango on the streets.

The capital city of Argentina is rich in festivals

  • Lollapalooza Argentina.
  • BAFICI International Film Festival.
  • Soundhearts Festival.
  • International Book Fair.
  • International Tango Festival. 
  • Ciudad Emergente Festival.
  • BA International Jazz Festival. 
  • Festival Bue.

Remembering and commiserating with the victim of the horror of the “night of pencils.”

A group of ten teenagers between the ages of 16 and 18 were abducted by members of a military dictatorship only 33 miles away from Buenos Aires. It is also known as the “Night of pencils” because the kidnapped teenagers were idealistic students illegally imprisoned, raped and brutally tortured. Four of the ten students survived.

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