Big Brother Naija Auditions

Big Brother Naija Auditions: A few tips to begin with.

Big brother Naija auditions: Many Nigerian youths see big brother Nigeria as a springboard that helps fast track or launch a career in various sectors and industries, primarily the entertainment industry. This idea is not so farfetched and justifiable because of how huge the big brother Naija platform is. Big brother Naija is one of the Biggest reality television shows that draw millions of views from Africa. Big brother Nigerian offers housemates the opportunity to showcase themselves, talents, business and personalities to millions of people in just a few months.

What kind of personality do they look for in auditions for the big brother?

For a reality show like big brother Naija, I would say they welcome every personality that stands out. It is important to note that the organisers of big brother Naija look for unique personalities and something different and, the only way to beat this is by selling who you are and what you think is unique about you.

Tips for your Big brother Naija auditions video.

Give the reason you want to be a part of big brother shade room. Give reasons they should select you for the big brother room, basically what you bring to the table.

Plan what you are going to say. 

Big Brother Naija Auditions

Before you begin your brother Naija auditions, you need to know what you will say, starting from your introduction (Things about yourself). Your name, state of origin, what you do for a living, your likes & dislikes, your career and where you live, what motivates you. These are some general information you can begin with; Say why you want to be a part of the show, for the money, to promote your business and so on.

  • Practice: Writes out your lines and practice.
  • Be original and be yourself.
  • Showcase the most amazing things about your self.
  • Be ready for competition and how to stand out.
  • Make plans: Make plans for when you get selected or not selected, which is likely because of the statistic of the competition.

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