AY Vs Basketmouth
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AY Vs Basketmouth: Reactions As AY Speaks On Ancient Beef With Basketmouth

Popular comedian Ayo Makun, popularly known as AY, finally opens up the cause of the long-time beef with colleagues and long-time rival, Basketmouth, who is also popularly called Bright Okpocha.

AY Vs Basketmouth

The pair are two of the most successful comedian and actors in Africa and have been on similar paths since the early 2000s. Over the years, Ayo Makun, AKA, AY been a focal point of the comedy industry with several successful projects like AY’s Crib, which featured the likes of Ushbebe, Alex Ekubo and former BBN Star Venita Akpofure. Other successful projects launched by AY include the decade long stand up comedy show AY Live. 30 days in Atlanta, 10 days in Sun City and many more.

On the other hand, Basketmouth has also wrapped up an impressive resume far as the entertainment and comedy industry is concerned. Basket mouth has dipped his hands into acting, music, rapping and standup comedy. He has organised popular stand-up comedy concerts like Basketmouth Uncensored across the globe and bagged several awards.

Basketmouth also produces and stars in the hilarious sitcom Flatmates, which brings new and old faces in comedy with the likes of Buchi, Okey Bakassi and Yaw.

AY’s Side

In a chat on a popular podcast, AY revealed that the beef between himself and Basketmouth after Basketmouth endorsed home to fill in for him at the event. From his conversation, AY made it clear that the arrangement was regular because, at the time, basket mouth was the “rave of the moment” and so he had several bookings in a day.

“So I got this job and the people, they were not really too happy seeing me around the Venue because of my expecting Basketmouth. Long story short, the guy was later happy after the performance and I think there was an exchange of numbers and have you and everything,” AY.

 “Two weeks running I haven’t seen 30K,” AY

AY also revealed that issue erupted after Basketmouth delayed his payment for two weeks. According to AY, Basketmouth had claimed that they did not pay him for the gig, whereas, the customer claimed they paid Basketmouth long before the show.

“I was hungry. I did that because I was hustling”.

“So what I did? I forwarded this one’s message to this one. I forwarded this message to this other person, so then I started fighting each other and all of that,” AY revealed.

“If I had gotten any other opportunity that brought me 30K I probably will forfeit this one that I think I worked for so the master said that’s it for this thing that they are not going to work with him anymore,” AY added.

Nigerians Take sides in AY Vs Basketmouth

in light of the recent revelation on the ongoing beef between popular comedians AY and Basketmouth, many Nigerians (Online Judges and In-laws) have taken to social media to share their opinion, advise the two and share hilarious reactions.

“One of thing I learnt from my husband. Never delay people wages. In respective of how the work was done. They could be depending on that wages to survive the day. If they cry to God hmmm u r finished,”regularbyjewelryembassyng shared via instablog.

“2006, I was in secondary School ???????? I’m now working and they’re still beefing ???????????? men supporting men ????” toiyoabasi1

AY Vs Basketmouth

AY Vs Basketmouth…

“I did it because I was hungry,” AY.

@kunlemartins commented “A few wrongs here and there:

AY shouldn’t have collected the client’s contact details.
He shouldn’t have reached out to him to talk about payments.
He shouldn’t have forwarded Basketmouth’s message to the client, definitely, the client will never work with Basketmouth again.

Basketmouth should have paid AY before or immediately after the event”.

“From the business angle, AY shouldn’t have exchanged numbers with Basket’s client and contacting Basket’s client was unprofessional. However, Basket should have mobilized AY. Talk for no plenty.
Let’s bury the hatchet before e turn to machete ???? ????”kash_homes

“Daddy freeze setting ringlight this evening”___smallpepper

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