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Arin and princess become 4th and 5th from BBN while Peace and Nini cry uncontrollably.

Arin and princess get evicted from BBN while Peace and Nini cry. BBN Live eviction show started with Ebuka Obi-Uchenndu dressed to the teeth as always in African attire, with a western undertone.

The highlight featured the following events that transpired throughout the week

  • Fight between Maria and the new BBN housemate Queen.
  • Pere demanded respect from the housemate because of his position as Head of House.
  • Pere’s decision to remove Maria as his deputy Head of House.
  • Pere and Maria’s discussion with Maria BBN about how whitemoney could use the kitchen as a strategy.
  • Peace Ogor also highlighted the situationships in the house. “Cross like Saskay, Boma Like Saskay, Yousef like saskay … Saskay World cup ooo.”
Arin becomes the 4th housemate to be evicted from BBN 2021
Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter  

Ebuka quizzed Pere about his decision to ban whitemoney from the kitchen, which he gave his two cents. 

Ebuka minced words when he tried to identify Angel’s love interest  

Angel expressed that she waved the white flag because she wanted to speak to him as a person and not in terms of their situationship. 

Arin becomes the 4th housemate to be evicted from BBN 2021

  1. Saskay was the first housemate to be saved from eviction.
  2. Arin Gets evicted from the BBN house. In her interview with Ebuka, the very eloquent Arin disclosed she is into costume design, art and is open for collaborations.

Nini also hinted at her relationship with Saga:

“Nothing is happening. We are friends and, we enjoy each other’s company.”

Princess is the 5th housemate to be evicted from BBN after Arin

  • Emmanuel is saved from possible eviction by the viewers.
  • Tega is also saved from eviction by the viewer. 

The final housemate to be evicted from the show in the latest Sunday night eviction was Princess.

Before she exited the house, she set the entire housemate straight on who her crush in the house is.

“By the way, my real crush in the house is Cross, not whiteMoney… I love you, Cross!!”

Princess also stated that she came to the show primarily for the experience, an experience she is grateful for.

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