Words of Affirmation: Manifesting positivity with ass-kicking positive affirmation.

words of affirmation are statements we recite to encourage positive and uplift us.

Affirmations are essential because the positive words we recite to ourselves regularly and by a loved one go a long way. Positive affirmations remind us who we are, how we should treat ourselves, and how we should treat others. 

We not only create serenity within us by saying our affirmations; words of affirmation also tune our responses to external factors like:

  •  Love or hate we receive.
  • Our success or failure
  •  The kindness or impiety showed to us, and how we respond or retaliate those feelings. 

Affirmations help us reiterate and focus on the beauty in us and the bright light at the end of every tunnel we encounter. 

How to renew your mind with positive affirmations

Words of Affirmation: Renewing your mind with positive affirmations.
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Recitation: Recite words of affirmation often.

Say your affirmations aloud as often as possible. Say them excessively. Affirmations are not only statements we repeat to force our subconscious mind to be positive; they also help pull us out of a grim place.

Believe: Learn to believe the words of affirmation you say

Learning to believe the points in your affirmation can be the stiffest part. This part can be anything from forgiving yourself for past mistakes to accepting who you are instead of what you lead to believe by external and sometimes internal factors. For example: Imagine that 3, 4, or 5 persons called you ugly, deep within you, you know that is far from the truth but being called ugly makes it harder to say the words “I am beautiful you are beautiful because a part of you believes you are ugly the part of you that wonders if they were right.

 Repeat your Affirmations often.

Words we say to ourselves, words we listen to, and thoughts that we repeat often get sharper by the repetitions. The more you think or speak about an idea, the more it becomes registered in your consciousness. Repetition of affirmation helps to recondition the conscious mind slowly. 

Examples of affirmations include:

Affirmations are words or phrases recited regularly to instil positive thoughts and values in us. Our words of affirmation can spring from the areas of our lives we find intense, the things that make us sad, and those that need improvement. Affirmations can also come from the positive, the best things we know about ourselves. This way, our daily affirmations become a daily reminder of the superb work we do and grease to our elbows.

Words of Affirmation. Positive affirmations.
Renewing your mind with positive manifestations.
  • Be kind. Made famous by Ellen DeGeneres.
  • I am beautiful.
  • I love my body.
  • I can do more.
  • My workplace is peaceful and full of love.
  • I am successful.
  • I radiate success and exude confidence.
  • I am loving and lovable.
  • I am attractive.
  • I forgive them, and I love them.
  • I forgive myself, and I love myself.
  • I am not ugly.
  • I am not a bully.
  • I am wholehearted about every second of my life.
  • Everything I do is fun, healthy and exciting.
  • I am a flare of love and compassion.
  • I am enough.

By customizing our affirmations to our needs, we can get the desired growth in the areas of our lives that require reconditioning.

Say words of Affirmations to your infants.

Words of Affirmation

Studies have shown that speaking words of affirmation regularly to an infant can build their self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth. It is also helpful to continue with the culture until they can talk and recite for themselves until they understand what it means and it is a part of them. Kids also believe what we tell them and what they see. For example, the tooth fairy, the elf on the shelf and, you are beautiful, which is why children often gain the value, beliefs, and traditions of their parents. The same goes for the positivity or negativity infused in them.

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