AeetesQ is a web-based magazine that represents new beginnings. AeetesQ is a Greek word that stands for “eagle” and “Q” is used to shorten and represent “cue”. Together, AeetesQ stands for eagles’ cue or eagles’ signal. AeetesQ represents a signal to ‘make that move’, sore and, excel. It is our time to get it!!


AeetesQ main pages and topics include:

  • Travel page
  • Lifestyle page
  • Fun & Sports
  • Pop culture:

Our Audience

AeetesQ also caters to every one of our audiences in either, for our blog, (the post section) our posts/articles are divided into various sections including but not limited to health, entertainment, relationships, lifestyle, pop culture, culture, and travel. Our storefront provides a space for every businessman/woman to buy, sell and advertise their goods.