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A prayer for him: How to pray for Him and Her.

We can always say a prayer for him (or her), in our supportiveness and love, we cannot always give, talk or share in our partner’s problems when they share, let alone when they don’t share.

For those who believe, when things go bad (even when things are great) there is a greater power we believe in, this could be the universe or in the power of attraction. Others believe in God and in Allah. Your prayer for him (or her) must not be in the “traditional religious sense”, but positive wishes and love.

A prayer for him: a lady praying in a flowery forest.
A picture of a lady praying

When do you say a prayer for her?

Say a prayer for him when he has everything.

The best things in life are free, like love, happiness, air and prayer. Pray he gets whatever prick him a little. There are many things all the money in the world cannot buy. Pray for him to be happy.

 Say a prayer for her when she needs it.

When he shares his problems with you sometimes, you may also be overwhelmed, although, most men don’t, you can always recognise when something is not right. So say a prayer for him when you can.

Just because you love him, say a prayer for him every other day.

Dear God, bless my man, fill his life with joys, success, unimaginable happiness and the best things in life. Clear his path, give him daily, a reason to smile and be grateful.

Bless his heart, make him kind, and blissful, may his presence brighten every room he enters, may his name soothe every ear it’s whispered.

Preserve the best things in him like his cute smile, quirks and the peck. Preserve his confidence, his energy and, please preserve his handsome looks. Keep him away from evil arrows and physical danger.

I hope he realises I love him a million times more than he could ever imagine.

Make him richer with not just a big bank account but with the priceless things like family, health, peace, and contentment. Bless him with happiness that money cannot buy.  

May he wake up every morning amused at how blessed he hit. Forgive his shortcomings and help him be the good man I see.

Dear God, help me love him better, help me put him first and make me the best lover, friend and May the best things happen to him through me.

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