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30+ Brilliant new month messages for your loved ones

Every new month and year comes with a flood of hope and the possibility of starting a new one. Each new month, you reconnect with friends, family and coworkers with a text message. Begin a brilliant new month message to remind them you are thinking of them and wish them well.

30+ Brilliant new month messages for your loved ones
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Here are some of the best new month messages for your loved ones.
We have compiled the best words to reconcile, send best wishes and reconnect with your family and friends and send them love at the beginning of every new month.

Best prayers to wish friends and family well on a new month

A friend of mine once said, “the best gift you can give a person is saying a word of prayer for them.” You can also lean into this idea and combine the lives, careers and families of your loved ones into the care of the greater power. Here are some of the most thoughtful prayers and messages to send to your friends and family at the beginning of a new month.

Best prayers to wish friends and family well on a new month
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  1. Happy new month, I hope this month marks the beginning of profound success and opened doors for you!!!
  2. I hope this new month gives you the courage you need to go after your big dreams, especially those that scare you. Happy new month!!
  3. I pray the lord blesses you with success, joy and the best of the best things in life. This new month is the beginning of a happy new chapter in your life. Amen.
  4. Happy new month guys!!! God bless you
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  1. God bless your new month guys. I wish you the best of the best on God’s green earth.
  2. May the hope and brightness that comes with this season give you the strength and courage to go after your dreams until they come through!! Happy new month!

Best prayers and messages for WhatsApp status

Posting a nice happy new month message to your friends and family is the best way to reach so many friends and family in one fell swoop. Depending on your preference, you can send a personalised direct message to some of the closest contacts on your WhatsApp. You can also post another new month’s message on your WhatsApp status. Here are some of the most interesting new month prayers and messages for WhatsApp status.

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  1. Happy new month fam!!! I hope this new month brings abundance, love, joy and fulfilment.
  2. Happy new month guys! May the month of January bring the perfect.
  3. May the month of March bring unexplainable success, love and perfection into your life.
  4. When God sets his eyes on a person, their life becomes the epitome of his goodness. I hope the almighty God sets his eyes on you and makes all that concerns you perfect.
  5. All things work together for the good of those who love God. Romans 8:28. I hope the month of June brings you the patience and reliance needed until God’s plan comes to fruition in your life.

Brilliant new month messages to reconcile

With hope for new beginnings in our careers and lifestyle, new months are an excellent time for family, friends and lovers to get past their issues and reconcile. These are perfect if you are taking responsibility for the fallout. They are also ideal if you choose to move forward with your relationship. 

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Here are some interesting new month messages you can send to your estranged lover, friends and family. These messages would let them know you are ready to move on and get past your issues with them.

  1. Our relationship has been through so much already. I hope we can begin this new month with a new chapter in our relationship.
  2. In the spirit of this new month, I’d like to call a truce. I want to see if there is a possibility of rebuilding what is left of the relationship we shared. I love you, and I miss you more than you can imagine.
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  1. I take responsibility for the way things turned out between us. If I ever get another chance, I promise to do better. Happy new month!!
  2. I apologise for the way I acted. I hope you can consider giving us another chance. It is a new month, and I do not want to know what it is like to go two months without speaking to you.
  3. It is a new month!!! What better time to forgive, move on and put the past behind than the new month? I have missed you a lot. Please give me another chance!!! 

Happy new month messages for coworkers

Whether you are the boss or the team lead, sending these new month messages can help pump up the team. A simple way to create an excellent team spirit within the company is by remembering coworkers on special occasions like the new month, Easter, or independence day.

 Here are some happy new month messages for your staff, colleagues and teammates.

  1. A new month and new year are the perfect time to evaluate and strategise. I hope this month of February brings about the realisation of our goals. 
  2. Thank you for dedicating your time to our project and committing to its success. Happy new month!!!
  3. The month of January is the perfect time to BRING IT!!! You were all marvellous last year, and I am ready to begin this new chapter with you. Happy new month!
  4. Happy new month guys!!! The Month of May sounds like another perfect time to do what you did in April… Kickass!!
  5. Happy new month guys!!! Thank you for making Venus LTD another home and family for me.

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