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3 Best Beachfront Hotels And Resorts On Lagos Island

Lagos State, Nigeria, is where the rural energy and culture of the entire nation meets luxury, entertainment, and enjoyment. The island offers a variety of activities and attractions for visitors to enjoy. These activities include everything from relaxation, fun & entertainment to history, culture, and food. Lagos State is worth visiting for many reasons.

resorts on Lagos island

The city is swarming with bucket-list activities scattered on either side of the Atlantic Ocean. These resorts are perfect for friends, family, and business executives looking to kick up their legs while sipping wine. At the same time, they are also ideal for the curious traveller who wants to enjoy the authentic rustic side of Lagos.

This article explores five resorts and hotels in Lagos, Nigeria, placed in the centre of all the fun and culture Lagos offers. Additionally, the unique experience of exceptional luxury, often enjoyed on the island, is matched by the most authentic Lasgidi experience, including street foods, history, and culture, which is only a few moments away on the Lagos Mainland. 

Explore an exceptional collection of beachfront resorts, rooftop bars, and five-star accommodations carefully designed to promote fun and indulgence. 

Eko Hotels and Suites

Eko Hotel & Suites is a 5-Star ultra-luxurious hotel in the heart of Victoria Island, Lagos. In addition to the peaceful and relaxing ambience, its large balconies provide a perfect vantage point for admiring views of the city or the Atlantic Ocean.

Eko Hotels and Suites’ unique blend of business, leisure, dining, and recreation, combined with its ideal location and contemporary designs, ensures something for everyone. Eko Hotel & Suites comprises four unique hotels with unique themes handpicked to satisfy the diverse crowd it caters to. 

The collection of hotel offers also matches their unique experiences with six local and international restaurants with distinct menus and ambience.

Maison Fahrenheit Hotel

Maison Fahrenheit Hotel is an ultra-modern hotel that features a general minimalist setting softened with a pop of well-placed colours. In addition to the picturesque setting, it offers breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean, which guests are welcome to enjoy uninterrupted from the Rue80 rooftop bar. The Rue80 rooftop bar also maintains a minimalist ambience that elevates the Africana-themed furniture.

resorts on Lagos island

Guests staying at the Maison Fahrenheit Hotel are conveniently near Lagos’ must-see places, such as Nike Art Gallery, Dreamworld Africana, Shodex Botanical Garden, and Ikeja Golf Club.

Jara Beach Resort

Jara Beach Resort is a cosy, colourful and playful scenery that makes it the perfect spot for relaxation and family time.

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Its stunning beachfront location provides a tranquil atmosphere and breathtaking views that are perfect for spending quality time with family. For those seeking the ultimate Lagos experience, Jara Beach offers the perfect solution, as you can enjoy the ultimate dining experience Lagos offers while relaxing in the comfort of your cabana.

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Enjoy one of a kind BBQ lunch with smoked and peppered wings or a nice selection of the best local dishes from across the country all served at the restaurant.

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