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20+ Relationship Expert-approved Breakup Messages

Breaking up with someone you love is difficult for everyone. If you are looking for the right words to convert your feeling of disappointment, hurt and relief, this post is perfect for you.

Relationship Expert-approved Breakup Messages

We have compiled the best breakup messages for various situations. The best part is professors, relationship experts, counsellors, TV dating coaches, a scientist and therapists would approve of these breakup messages for you.

Best Breakup Messages

According to experts, the best breakup messages should be sincere. For when you cannot find the right words, here are some of the best breakup messages you use when you lack the right words to call it quits with someone who you thought would be in your life forever!!

  • I don’t think I have ever felt as hurt as I do right now; I see your betrayal as a teachable moment. The experience is never to believe in a liar like you. I wish no one treats the same to you as you did me. Finally, I hope I don’t get to see your face again. Goodbye forever!
  • You are worthy of a woman who is all in for you. I am truly sorry that I am not the perfect woman for you. I wish you will get the right person one day. Goodbye!!!
  • You never took the time to comprehend my heart. Even though I do not wish to break your heart, I must end this entanglement. I wish we were made for each other. I hope you will one day get your kind of girl whose worth and capabilities will conform to your choice. Best of luck in the future. Bye!
 Breakup Messages
  • This went on longer than expected. No woman or man deserves to be picked apart as you did with me… You were so busy looking for faults while I loved you and was inattentive to yours. So now, at last, this relationship is forever. We were never meant for each other. I hope I will get my perfect match and you will get yours. Goodbye!
  • A lesson learnt well!! Never get into a relationship with a cheat and liar. I wish that nobody goes through what I have gone through.
  • I am brokenhearted, injured, and troubled by your words. I let myself down by choosing you to be my boyfriend.
  • Goodbye to the person who I loved the most. I am heartbroken, and I feel a void inside.

Best text messages to end a long-term relationship

Sometimes we find ourselves in relationships. Sometimes, you go in hoping you have a companion. Other times, you get blindsided by love and think you have found your soul mate. Here are some of the best breakup messages to end long-term relationships.

  • Thank you for making me learn a lesson about not committing to anybody. I could not see clearly. My mistakes are not your fault. They are mine. I take responsibility.
  • How could you never think about me and my feelings and walk away like this? You broke my heart to pieces.
  • I turned down all of my suitors because of what we had. I wanted to give dedication to you, to make love with you, but I was never a priority to you. Brokenhearted!
  • I will miss your false smile. It reminds me never to believe that type of smile.
  • I can’t stop weeping. My heart is in pain, but I will move on and become more determined. You have killed my feelings for you.
  • We shared a wonderful relationship, and now it is over. Goodbye. I don’t want to talk to you ever again.
 Breakup Messages
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  • I cannot come to the terms with the fact that the man I thought was my best friend and partner is not but a cheap lair. This breakup is like a bad dream that I want to wake up from at the earliest. Goodbye!
  • Are you the person I once loved? How have you now revealed to me your nature? I foolishly loved you and believed you, now all in vain. Goodbye! Never ever try to call me.
  • I never believed you could hurt me so badly. You have given me immense hurt and anger. I do not know if I will ever be able to stand the sight of your face ever again. Goodbye! Thank you for all the trouble.
  • I am done dedicating all my time to you and wasting all my energy on you. Let’s forget that we ever encountered each other and had a relationship. I wish to not see you again or talk to you. Bye. Good luck.
  • Now, I am certain that you like being a wicked person and an antagonist in my life. I am done with you, and I never wish to see you. This is the last goodbye.

I know I will remember you every day of my life. Like the popular phrase, time is the greatest healer. We both will overcome this, eventually. Thank you and have an enjoyable life. Goodbye.

There is no hope left in our relationship. I can never look at you the same way I used to. It is alright that we’re just not right for each other. I wish you all the best. Bye.

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You had an amazing time with me, but this was not the case for me. I feel unhappy that even after all the time we spent together, I still complain about the same issues. If things have not improved in the last year, I don’t believe they will get better. It over!!

As said, breakups are difficult. I never know what to say or do, but I just have to end everything. Being a nobody in your life is what I am tired of. I deserve a lot more than that. Thanks for letting me know. Goodbye.

Even after doing my best for us to work, it was not good enough. I think both of us should move on and select our best direction. I am done and fed up with our quarrels. You broke me into billion pieces. I will no longer act as if nothing is wrong.

I deserve better than this!!

God knows I deserve so much better than a half-ass apology and a relationship that feels more like a thug of war. While I wait for someone better, I hope you can take this time to change your ways… The world doesn’t revolve around you, and it never will.

I have never met a person as self-absorbed as you!!! It is irritating!! Please find someone else or try to split yourself in half. That way, you can be with yourself.

Let’s go apart for some time and see how things work for us. It’s the only answer I have for now. Goodbye!

It’s bad we are not together, but I’m joyful that you taught me a salutary lesson about being mindful of who I trust. I Despise You!

I know you don’t want to hear this from me, but I can’t stop myself from telling you I love you! You broke my heart because I have always admired you. I tried my best to keep this relationship strong, but you did everything to scatter this relationship. I will miss you!

Missing you cannot solve anything. Once you were gone, I had nothing else to do but just miss you. I love you and I wish you would have done the same.

You broke up and I’m not unhappy about it. I wish you discover your perfect match in someone else. I don taya abeg!!!

I'd rather be single, goodbye

A piece of thought to you doesn’t destroy someone else’s life as you did to me, because others may not be as determined as I am.

I never demanded a lot. All I ever needed was to be loved by you for who I was and not for who you needed me to be.
I was there for you every time, and my love was always with you. It is over between us.

We have a brilliant future before us, just not with each other. Let’s be bold so that we can move on to greater things. Goodbye.

I went away because you were too busy looking for mistakes in me, and I was looking for yours. Trust is like glass. Once broken, it will never be the same.

Breakup Messages for Wife

  • After dedicating all my time to making this relationship as perfect as can be, the outcome is still nothing. I feel like we doomed this relationship from the onset. We should say goodbye to each other, and our own work on detangling our businesses and properties.
  • It takes two to tango, so I take responsibility and apologise for my missteps. Before it’s going to be too late, I want to end this marriage. 
  • I have no option except to break up with you. I don’t feel free talking with you the same way I used to. Goodbye and be happy.
  • May your life continue to be full of joy. Calling off this marriage is the only option for us and the kids. I promise to maintain peace and civility throughout this process. 
  • You said goodbye and went away. Time will still come when you will regret it and come back, but I will not be there for you.
  • I hope you get what you deserve. My suggestion is never to break any other girl’s heart. You will only get cursed!!!
I'd rather be single, goodbye
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  • You have been my perfect friend every time, even after you became my wife. I know you love me a lot, but now I have discovered that my love is someone else. I am sorry for hurting you, but I can not continue with the relationship. I hope you find someone that will love and cherish you like you deserve.
  • I know this is painful and so I am not apologising or begging for your apology. All I am saying with a heavy heart! Goodbye.
  • I know we had the best times of our lives when we were together, but it is difficult to be together in a relationship, as there is no space to breathe here. It is better; we stop daydreaming. We should face reality and walk away from each other.
  • It’s hurting me to be in a side relationship. I’d rather be single, goodbye!!

I don’t love you anymore…

I'd rather be single, goodbye
I’m giving him a timeout
  • I am not as joyful as I expected when we started dating. Our relationship isn’t full of love. I need liberty from all the ruins, so this is my last goodbye!!!
  • You must have noticed that there is a little distance between us lately. In a nutshell, all I want to say is I don’t love you anymore. Please forgive me. There is somebody perfect for you, and that is who you deserve to be with.
  • It is difficult to come to terms with me not loving you anymore. Going our separate ways is better than being in a hurtful relationship that will still eventually end. We both deserve to be with someone who loves us unconditionally.
  • When a relationship becomes difficult, it should be ended immediately. Something between us broke when I found out that you were cheating. I don’t think I love you anymore!!!

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