dad and daughter making a christmas letter
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10 Christmas gifts ideas for your husband

The Christmas season is around the corner. It is a time of joy and happiness. We all love to celebrate, spread love and excitement with ourselves and our loved ones. You may be struggling to find the most thoughtful gift for your husband on this special occasion. This is not such a hard decision to make, but at the same time, it requires the right timing and effort to wow your husband. We want to share some beautiful and helpful suggestions for Christmas gifts for a dear husband.

Ten Christmas gift your Nigerian husband will absolutely love are:

  1. A handmade card with sweet/romantic words from you and the kids(if you have any)
  2. Buy him things in his favorite color
  3. Buy all or some of the items saved in his shopping cart/Wishlist
  4. Foot massager
  5. Cariuma sneakers or any other shoes that match his style
  6. Speakers this could either be portable speakers for his car or computer
  7. A massaging lift recliner
  8. A comfortable turtleneck
  9. Sweatshirt, joggers and hoodies
  10. A massaging lift recliner

A handmade card

Christmas gifts for your husband
A handmade card

If your husband loves creativity and art, include a handwritten card with the present. It adds a personal touch and shows your ingenuity and devotion to him. Make your gift more memorable by adding a few romantic words from your heart. The best aspect is that you won’t have to worry about running out of money in the middle of the month because all you need is time and creativity.

Buy him things in his favorite color

If you can’t settle on just one gift, get him a personalised gift basket as his Christmas Gift. The gift hamper can have everything in his favourite colour or wrapped in that colour. A romantic present for a husband like this will show how much you value his preferences.

Buy all or some of the items saved in his shopping cart/Wishlist

You can even get some ideas from the Wishlist or items saved cart of his preferred purchasing app.
His shopping cart will give you an idea of things he wants but hasn’t yet bought. Prepare a hamper with a selection of all the items in his shopping cart.

dad and daughter making a christmas letter
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It all comes down to how much you care for and love each other, and you must constantly remind your partner of this. You can do this by giving him one of these romantic gifts for your husband or through your regular efforts and actions.

Foot massager

Foot Massager

After a long day at work, he can get a soothing foot massage with this device. The Renpho foot massager has undergone extensive testing. It is versatile, easy to configure, and feels terrific on tired feet. The Cloud Massage Shiatsu Foot Massager, which has heat therapy, is another pleasant alternative with even more features. Any of these products will be a delightful Christmas gift for your husband.

Cariuma sneakers

Christmas gifts for your husband
Cariuma sneakers

Cariuma makes some of the nicest shoes for men!! Their sneakers are sustainable, good-looking, crazy-comfortable, and provide all-day comfort. Recently, they unveiled several exclusive sneaker lines for consumers of diverse preferences, including an Atari sneaker and a National Geographic sneaker. The company’s standard line of sneakers for men is available in seven different models and hues, including suede, navy, and yellow. Your husband receives a two-for-one gift with this one because Cariuma plants a tree for every pair of sneakers you purchase.



The Audioengine A2+ speakers are one of the most impressive computer speakers. They are perfect if your spouse has a high-end PC setup for his preferred games. The Audioengine A2+ completely submerges users in the sound of whatever game they are playing. The stylish speakers are available in three colours, and we adored how simple they were to assemble and operate.

A comfortable turtleneck

Christmas gifts for your husband
Turtleneck dressing

If your husband could use a few more cosy sweaters for harmattan, check out this stylish option from Men’s Warehouse. They made the cosy knit turtleneck sweater from Joseph Abboud from a combination of cotton, viscose, silk, and cashmere. It is available in two colours, grey and navy.

A massaging lift recliner

Christmas gifts for your husband
Massaging lift recliner

There’s no getting in the way of a guy and his chair, but if it’s time for your spouse to upgrade, check out this Amazon bestseller. More than 3,500 reviewers laud its comfort, lifting capacity, and massaging features, saying how much they love it. Additionally, it has two cup holders, side pockets, and a simple remote control that he can easily use while putting his feet up. You and your husband can choose the color that best complements your décor from the six available tones of this lounger.

Sweatshirt, joggers and hoodies

Carhatt sweatshirt

Your husband can’t have too many hoodies. This beloved comfort wear is the ideal option if your guy needs a new hoodie (which he does!!). They also add classy elegance to his winter wardrobe. Whether raking leaves together or going for a morning run, he can move around freely in cooler weather thanks to the cotton-spandex blend of hoodies. Their sizable kangaroo front pocket for storage comes in four warm colours.

A weighted blanket

Christmas gifts for your husband
Weighted blanket

Weighted blankets offer solace and warmth. They are also perfect for not just your husband’s “me time,” but they can transition from your Netflix and chill time to a very cosy evening with the kids.

The Gravity Blanket/YnM 15lbs Weighted Blanket could be the perfect Christmas gift for your husband. They are not overly warm or heavy and provide gentle pressure all over the body. The Tranquility Weighted Blanket, which is less expensive, is a good option with a soft, cosy fabric.

Get a firsthand feel of the product you give your husband by walking into the closest mall. This way, you can feel the texture, colour and weight and present the exact item you want.

Other Gift Ideas

Check out some of our gift guides!!! They may not be Christmas gift ideas, but the option here is valid for anytime you want to make your partner feel loved!!!

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